What socket is a 3770K?

What socket is a 3770K?

LGA 1155
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This item Intel Core i7-3770K Quad-Core Processor 3.5 GHz 8 MB Cache LGA 1155 – BX80637I73770K
CPU Socket LGA 1155
CPU Speed 3.5 GHz
Device Type Processors
Item Dimensions 4.5 x 3.2 x 4 inches

What socket is 3rd Gen Intel?

LGA 1155, also called Socket H2, is a socket used for Intel microprocessors based on Sandy Bridge (2nd-Gen, 32nm, 2k-series) and Ivy Bridge (3rd-Gen, 22nm, 3k-series) microarchitectures.

What chipset is 3770K?

The 7 Series Chipset & USB 3.0 – The Intel Ivy Bridge (Core i7 3770K) Review.

Is i7 3770K compatible motherboards?

ASUS P8Z77-V Overview This chipset is designed to support the LGA 1155 socket making it compatible with the included Intel Core i7-3770K processor. By combining this Intel Core i7 processor with the ASUS motherboard you benefit from quad core, 3.50 GHz processing power along with integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000.

Is the Intel Core i7-3770K good for gaming?

The i7 3770 is a decent gaming CPU, but different types of games utilize different parts of the PC. FPS games are more demanding on the graphics while open-world games tend to utilize the CPU more than many FPS games.

What generation is i7 3770K?

Intel 3rd generation Core i7
Intel 3rd generation Core i7-3770K CPU.

What socket is i7 10700KF?

LGA 1200
Intel i7-10700KF Specs

CPU Model Intel Core i7-10700KF
CPU Socket LGA 1200
Manufacturing Process 14 nm
Maximum CPU Configuration 1S
Maximum Number of PCIe Lanes 16 (Revision 3.0)

What socket is i7 4930K?

FCLGA2011 socket
The Core i7-4930K 3.4 GHz Processor from Intel is equipped with 6 cores and 12 threads and can be installed in a FCLGA2011 socket. This processer comes equipped with 12MB of cache.

How old is the i7-3770K?

The Intel Core i7-3770K is a 64-bit quad-core high-end desktop microprocessor introduced by Intel in early 2012.

Is i7-3770K good?

Your 3770K can easily coupe with being clocked to 4–5GHz (use a liquid cooling solution) which would make it ‘outperform’ most of the recent cpu releases in small program performance (if all things were equal). Yes, your 3770K is still a good worker.

Is LGA 1151 the same as 1155?

Nope, 1155 is the socket used for 2nd gen, while 1151 is used from 6th till 9th gen. The contact points are complete different and to add up on the cunfusion, 8th and 9th gen use different architecture than 6th and 7th gen cpus but share the same socket.

What’s the difference between LGA 1155 and 1156?

Socket LGA 1155 uses a land grid array format, so the pins are on the socket, rather than the processor. Socket LGA 1155 uses the same cover plate as Socket 1156, but is not interchangeable with it. Socket LGA 1155 is also used by Intel’s Ivy Bridge (third-generation) Core ix-series processors.

How many motherboards are compatible with i7 3770k?

Intel Core i7-3770K motherboard support There are 827 motherboards, compatible with this processor. Intel Core i7-3770K motherboardspage. Core i7-3770K is the fastest consumer microprocessor for socket 1155, and it’s going to remain the fastest because no more CPUs are planned for this platform.

What socket is the i7-3770k?

The Core i7-3770K is a Socket 1155 microprocessor, based on Ivy Bridge core. There are also 45 Ivy Bridge chips, that work in the same socket. Brief characteristics and stepping information of these CPUs are provided below.

What does the 3770k have to offer?

The CPU has a few important features, aimed at improving its performance in single- and multi-threaded applications. The 3770K incorporates Hyper-Threading technology, that can boost multi-threading performance by up to 20% or more compared to quad-core chips without this technology.

What are the Intel Core i7-3770k specifications?

Intel Core i7-3770K specifications 1 CM8063701211700 is an OEM/tray microprocessor 2 CM8063701211701 is an OEM/tray microprocessor 3 BX80637I73770K is a boxed processor with fan and heatsink (English version) 4 BXC80637I73770K is a boxed processor with fan and heatsink (Chinese version) More