What time does the Penn Station close?

What time does the Penn Station close?

The main concourse at Penn is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but specific lounges and ticket kiosks have different hours; check with Amtrak and NJ Transit for details. Here’s a map of the station, courtesy of NJ Transit.

What kind of bread does Penn Station use?

Penn Station’s® proprietary bread is made at a kosher plant exclusively for Penn Station. Premium Butter Flavored Oil is OUD. Because our restaurants are not under kosher supervision, the breads do lose their kosher status once the boxes are opened.

How long are Penn Station subs?

The main difference between Penn Station and other sub sandwich restaurants is that Penn Station offers 5 different sizes of subs- 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″. The restaurant also has a much more limited menu than other sub sandwich restaurants.

How many locations does Penn Station subs have?

310 locations
Penn Station has more than 310 locations in 14 states including Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

Did they close Penn Station?

Pennsylvania Railroad executives searched for alternate means of income, and in 1961 they decided to dismantle their magnificent terminal and rent its air space. The three-year demolition of Penn Station began on October 28, 1963.

Can you walk from Penn Station to Times Square?

You can exit Penn Station at 34th St. / 7th Avenue. Times Square subway station is 42nd St ./ 7th Ave. It is about 8 blocks – not 14. 14 blocks would put you at 48th Street which is still part of the general Times Square area (but not the heart of Times Square).

What kind of potatoes does Penn Station use?

Penn Station’s fresh-cut fries are a customer favorite, freshly hand-cut from unpeeled Idaho potatoes, which are then cooked to order in cholesterol-free peanut oil.

How big is a small at Penn Station?

The Penn Station menu prices are very similar to their submarine sandwich serving chains. Their prices depend on the size of sub you are getting, as you can order from 4” (kids), 6” (lite), 8” (small), 10” (medium), and 12” (large).

Where was the original Penn Station restaurant?

Cincinnati, Ohio
Penn Station is a chain of restaurants specializing in what it calls “East Coast subs.” The first restaurant was opened in 1985 by Jeff Osterfeld in Cincinnati, Ohio….Penn Station (restaurant)

Penn Station location in Springboro, Ohio
Founded 1985 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Founder Jeff Osterfeld
Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio
Area served United States

Who is the owner of Penn Station?

Jeff Osterfeld
Jeff Osterfeld, Founder and CEO of Penn Station East Coast Subs, is a prime example of someone who saw the flash in his mind and jumped on it. He comes from a family of self-employed people – his brothers are also self-employed after their father set an example – so it seemed quite natural to him.

Is Penn Station still standing?

Though the Penn Station terminal was demolished, the original 1900s tunnels, tracks, platforms and electric traction continue to be used today.