What to do if pendrive is not showing files?

What to do if pendrive is not showing files?

Open Windows “File Explorer” > Go to “Tools” > “Folder” Options > Go to the “View” Tab > Check “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”. Finally, click “Apply”. This will make sure that the files and folders are not in hidden mode.

Why is my Filestream not working?

Your Google Drive File Stream may stop working mainly due to a corrupted cache or due to an outdated OS/File Stream app. Make sure your system drive has enough free space. Check if your internet connection is working fine. If you are using a beta version of the File Stream/OS, then wait for the stable release.

How do I enable Drive stream?


  1. Do you currently have Google Drive Sync installed?
  2. Uninstall Google Drive Sync.
  3. Open Google Drive and select “Download Drive File Stream for Windows” under Settings.
  4. Select the “Download for Windows” blue button.
  5. The DriveFileStream.exe is now in Downloads and can be used to install File Stream.

What replaces Backup and sync?

The company is rolling out the new Drive for desktop app on Mac and Windows. Drive for desktop will replace the Backup and Sync app (which supplanted the Google Drive desktop app in 2018) as well as Drive File Stream , which is for business users.

What is the difference between Backup and sync and Drive file stream?

Google backup and sync is more like Dropbox – a synced folder. With Google Backup and Sync, all your Drive content is stored locally on your computer. However, with Google Drive File Stream, your files are stored on the cloud instead of your computer.

Why is Google Drive not syncing all files?

Solution 11 – Make Sure All Folders are Checked to Sync This makes all of your folders available for desktop access as well. If Google Drive does not sync all files from local to cloud, go to “Preferences” and make sure all folders you want to sync are checked in the “My Computer” tab.

Why is my USB showing empty?

Reasons behind USB Drive showing empty but is full or vice-versa: The Data stored in USB Drive might have got corrupted due to Malware, bugs, or viruses. There might be a connection problem in either your USB Drive or the port of your PC. The files in your Drive being intentionally or mistakenly hidden.

Why pendrive is not showing in my laptop?

Connect your pen drive to your computer, right-click “This PC”, and choose “Properties” > “Devices Manager”. Step 2. Click on “Disk drives”, right-click on your USB drive that is not showing and choose “Uninstall device”.

How do I reset Google Filestream?

How to restart Google Drive For Desktop in Windows:

  1. Click the Start button in Windows.
  2. Find the program called “Google Drive” or “Drive File Stream”.
  3. Click the program.
  4. Wait for 20-30 seconds.
  5. Google Drive will reload, and you should regain desktop access to your files.

Why is my Google Drive not showing up on my Mac?

Log Out Of The App & Log Back In If Google Drive is still not syncing on your Mac, you can try logging out and then logging back into the app on your machine. This should give it a fresh start to sync your content. Click on the app icon in the menu bar, click on three-dots, and choose Preferences.

What is Filestream SQL Server?

FILESTREAM enables SQL Server-based applications to store unstructured data, such as documents and images, on the file system.

Why is my format pen drive not showing files?

Format Pen Drive that Is Not Showing Data Files 6. Check and Fix USB Drive Errors Fix 1. Unhide Files in Pen Drive Using Windows Explorer If the data on your USB has accidentally been hidden or made invisible by a virus, you can try to unhide your files using CMD.

How to show hidden files on a USB pen drive?

There are other ways available to show hidden files on a USB drive too, check them out if you want. Step 1. Connect the USB pen drive or flash drive to the PC. Step 2. Open Windows “File Explorer” > Go to “Tools” > “Folder” Options > Go to the “View” Tab > Check “Show hidden files, folders, and drives”.

How to fix pen drive not showing up on Windows 10?

Suppose that the pen drive is the same as the other partition’s drive letter, your pen drive will show up with no drive letter so it will not show up on Windows. Step 1: Right-click on This PC again and choose to manage then Disk Management. Step 2: Right-click the volume of the external device and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.

How to fix USB drive not showing files and folders?

Solved – USB Drive not Showing Files and Folders. Method 1. Unhide USB drive files. If your USB drive files are hidden, you can only see the USB drive. Here, you have 2 options to unhide files when USB drive not showing files and folders. ① Show hidden files. Step 1: Connect your USB drive to PC.