What two consecutive integers equal 110?

What two consecutive integers equal 110?

so, the numbers are 21 and 22. then the number is 0 and 1 is not acceptable because is 0 is neither positive nor negative,and in question given is integer is positive. so ,final answer is 21 and 22.

What integers have a product of 110?

110 = 2 × 5 × 11. 110 = 1 × 2 × 5 × 11. We leave it as an exercise (Problem 7.1) to explain why this is the only way to express 110 as the product of four different positive integers. 1 + 2 + 5 + 11 = 19.

What is the product of two consecutive integers?

Given two consecutive numbers, one must be even and one must be odd. Since the product of an even number and an odd number is always even, the product of two consecutive numbers (and, in fact, of any number of consecutive numbers) is always even.

What is consecutive positive integer?

Consecutive integers are integers that follow each other in order. We will illustrate with good examples. Look at the following two sets. The first two are called consecutive positive integer. The last two are called consecutive negative integers.

How do you find two consecutive even integers whose product is 168?

  1. x2+2x−168=0(x+14)(x−12)=0[Factoring the trinomial]
  2. x(x+2)=168−14(−12)=168[Substitution of values]168=168.
  3. x(x+2)=16812(14)=168[Substitution of values]168=168.

What is the last digit of the smallest positive integer?

Now 2019 ÷ 9 = 224 remainder 3, so the smallest positive integer with digit sum of 2019 is 399. . . 9 (224 9s). Its last digit is 9.

Is it possible for the product of 4 different integers?

The only possible choice of the four distinct positive integers is 1,2,5,10. Why? Either 2 or 4 must be chosen because 100=(2^2)*(5^2) and it cannot be 4 because 100/4 = 25 which cannot be written as the product of 3 distinct positive integers. Thus one of the integers is 2 and, for a similar reason, another is 5.