What type of constitution does Peru have?

What type of constitution does Peru have?

The Constitution of Peru is the supreme law of Peru. The current constitution, enacted on 31 December 1993, is Peru’s fifth in the 20th century and replaced the 1979 Constitution.

How is Peru divided into regions?

The provinces of Peru are the second-level administrative subdivisions of the country. They are divided into districts. There are 196 provinces in Peru, grouped into 25 regions, except for Lima Province which does not belong to any region. This makes an average of seven provinces per region.

How many cities are in Peru?

In total, Peru has 21 cities that boast populations exceeding 100,000….Population.

Name 2022 Population
Cusco 312,140
Pucallpa 310,750
Tacna 280,098
Santiago de Surco 251,648

What are the populations found in Peru?

Peru 2020 population is estimated at 32,971,854 people at mid year according to UN data. Peru population is equivalent to 0.42% of the total world population.

What is the capital of Peru and its largest city?

LimaPeru / Capital

How many political parties are there in Peru?

Parties represented in Congress

Party Abbr. Members (2020)
We Are Peru Somos Perú SP 121,577
Popular Renewal Renovación Popular RP 4,359
Go on Country Avanza País AvP 5,852
Alliance for Progress Alianza para el Progreso APP 161,859

What is Peru known for producing?

Peru’s main exports are copper, gold, zinc, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufactures, machinery, services and fish meal. The country’s major trade partners are the United States, China, Brazil, the European Union and Chile.

What is Peru’s biggest city?

Peru cities population

Rank City Population
1 Lima 10,882,757
2 Arequipa 934,845
3 Trujillo 877,875

Is Lima the 3rd largest city in Peru?

Lima, the capital city of Peru, is the most populated city in the country. Peru, a South American country, has a rich culture and long history of human settlement….The Most Populated Cities In Peru.

Rank 3
City Trujillo
Region Trujillo
2016 Census 805,150

What is the population in Peru as of 2021?

33.15 Million
Population in Peru is expected to reach 33.15 Million by the end of 2021, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations. In the long-term, the Peru Population is projected to trend around 33.48 Million in 2022, according to our econometric models.

Is the population increasing or decreasing in Peru?

Peru’s rate of natural increase has also declined from around 2.6 per- cent per year in 1975 to about 2.1 percent in 1998. If present trends continue, Peru’s population will grow by over one-third of its present size—from 26 million persons today to nearly 37 million persons—by the year 2020.

What are the 4 largest cities in Peru?


Position City Population 2017
1 Lima 9,562,280
2 Arequipa 1,008,290
3 Trujillo 919,899
4 Chiclayo 552,508

How many cities in Peru have more than one million people?

Peru has 1 cities with more than a million people, 21 cities with between 100,000 and 1 million people, and 121 cities with between 10,000 and 100,000 people. The largest city in Peru is Lima, with a population of 7,737,002 people.

Where can I find the Political Constitution of Peru?

Political Constitution of Peru 1993, as amended to 2021 (Spanish), available in HeinOnline World Constitutions Illustrated Library (2019). Chapter I on Fundamental Rights of the Person. Chapter I on Fundamental Rights of the Person.

What is the population density of Peru?

Peru’s current population density is just 25 people per square kilometer (or 57/square mile), which makes it the 182nd most densely populated country. The largest city in Peru is its capital city, Lima. It is home to more than a quarter of Peruvians and the country’s largest city by far with a population of over 8 million.

How are Peruvian cities developing?

Peru’s cities are developing and expanding, and it’s evidenced by the number of residents that reside in urban areas. In 1960, over half of the population lived in rural areas.