What type of mic is best for recording vocals?

What type of mic is best for recording vocals?

The Top 10 Microphones for Vocal Production

  • Microphones for vocal production are the absolute first piece of contact in the recording chain.
  • Blue Yeti or Rode NT USB.
  • Rode NT1A.
  • Shure SM58.
  • Shure SM7B.
  • Neumann TLM 103 or Neumann U87.
  • Mojave MA-200.
  • Telefunkin u47.

What mic does Tom Petty use?

TELEFUNKEN U47 large diaphragm condenser mic
Petty and co-producer Ryan Ulyate completed multiple albums with The Heartbreakers, Mudcrutch and others where Petty uses a TELEFUNKEN U47 large diaphragm condenser mic.

What microphone does Christina Aguilera?

Aguilera, taking the lead on “Ain’t No Way,” sang through her custom red SKM 5200 with a Neumann KK 104 S capsule while Welch, a first-time nominee, made use of her custom gold SKM 5000/KK 104 pairing as she sang “Freedom.”

What microphone do singers use?

The Shure Beta 58A Dynamic Microphone is the industry standard professional microphone for live vocals, building on the immense success of its cheaper (but still just as widely used) brother the Shure SM-58.

Was Tom Petty a good guitarist?

Tom was no slouch as a guitar player at all. Playing lead is not the only measure of a guitar player. I’ve been in bands with lead players who sucked at rhythm guitar. I’ve met guys who could play “Eruption” note for note, but couldn’t play a whole song.

What strings did Tom Petty use?

His favorite 12-string is the Tom Petty solidbody, which we did use on the record quite a bit. And so yeah, I think the 12-string is always that solidbody Rick.

What mic does Beyonce use to record?

Beyonce’s Sennheiser SKM 5000 wireless mike with a Neumann KK 105-S capsule helped her powerful performance.

What kind of microphone does Miranda Lambert use?

Miranda Lambert recently used the Shure microphone for her historic performance of “To Learn Her” at the 2017 CMA Awards. Most viewers may recognize the model for its vintage style casing because it has garnered the street name “Elvis Mic”.

What is the best microphone for male vocals?

Overall, the Mojave MA-200 is one of the very best microphones for recording male vocals for the price. While it sounds great for female vocals and instruments as well, it reigns supreme for male singers and voice-overs. 8. Neumann U87 Ai

What is the quietest microphone for recording?

The Rode NT1A Anniversary Vocal Condenser Microphone is considered to be one of the quietest mics in the world of studio recording because of its 5dBa self-noise level. + Great for recording guitars, percussions, as well as vocals.

What is the best Sweetwater microphone for singers?

Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Multiple Polar Patterns The AT4050 is one of Sweetwater’s best-selling vocal mics, and for good reason!… More Info… More Info…

Is the X1 s mic good for tracking vocals?

The X1 S mic is well suited for tracking vocals. In fact, we’d say it’s one of the best microphones for recording vocals. Its smooth, forgiving nature brings out the lushness in female and male voices, regardless of genre.