What type of wine is Cotes de Gascogne?

What type of wine is Cotes de Gascogne?

white wine
Côtes de Gascogne is a wine-growing district in Gascony producing principally white wine. It is mainly located in the département of the Gers in the former Midi-Pyrénées region (now part of the Occitanie region), and it belongs to the wine region South West France.

What are Colombard grapes used for?

Charentes: With its origins in the home of Cognac, colombard is naturally one of the three main grapes used to produce the distilled wine. It tends to be less acidic and more alcoholic than other Cognac grapes (ugni blanc and folle blanche), which makes the colombard the least favored for distilling.

What does Macabeo wine taste like?

There are few universal truths about how Macabeo tastes; the wines can be fresh, floral and aromatic when harvested sufficiently early and aged in stainless steel, but weighty, honeyed and nutty when aged in oak and harvested slightly later.

Is Colombard wine sweet or dry?

DryColombard / Sweetness of resulting wine

What does Colombard taste like?

What do Colombard Wines Taste Like? Wines made from Colombard are typically light and crisp, mellow in tannins and high in acidity, creating a bit of tartness, similar to a Sauvignon Blanc. Tasting notes include white peaches, stone fruit, green apples and melon.

What kind of wine is Viura?

Viura is a white wine-grape variety most often associated with the Rioja region in Spain. Under its more common name, Macabeo, it is grown widely throughout Spain—particularly in Catalunya for Cava production, and the Languedoc-Roussillon area of France.

Is Viura wine sweet?

Dry or Semi-sweet or SweetMacabeo / Sweetness of resulting wine

What is Cotes de Gascogne?

The success of these admittedly simple wines saw an upsurge in fortune for the variety in southern France, and many examples of crisp white wines, often incorporating Sauvignon Blanc, began appearing under the IGP Cotes de Gascogne title. Colombard is also planted in South Africa, where it is known as Colombar.

What is Colombard wine?

Colombard Wine. Colombard is one of the world’s great blending grapes, most famously used alongside Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche in the production of Cognac and Armagnac (see Colombard – Folle – Ugni wines). It is known for its neutrality, which makes it well suited to this purpose, although in the past few decades it has been used…

What to drink in Cotes de Gascogne?

Cotes de Gascogne permits a number of varieties, although Colombard and Ugni Blanc are very popular due to the large-scale production of Armagnac. Wines made from Colombard and Ugni Blanc tend to be light, crisp and fruity, with some subtle citrus and green-apple notes.

What is Colombard-Ugni blanc?

Colombard – Ugni Blanc are two of the traditional brandy -producing grapes grown in France’s Armagnac and Cognac appellations. They are also used in the production of IGP Cotes de Gascogne, IGP Charentais, and Cotes de Blaye, wines as well as in the local specialty vins de liqueur Floc de Gascogne and Pineau des Charentes .