What units are stationed at Fort Hood?

What units are stationed at Fort Hood?

Military base Fort Hood is the home of III Corps, 1st Cavalry Division, 13th Sustainment Command, First Army Division West, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, 1st Medical Brigade and many other Forces Command and other units.

What is Doim Fort Hood?

The Army’s Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) at Fort Hood, Texas, has received an industry award for computer security work done on the service’s information technology infrastructure there.

Do you need a pass to get on Fort Hood?

You must have a military or visitors pass to enter Fort Hood. Visitor passes can be obtained at the Marvin Leath Visitors Center which is located just off Interstate 14 (U.S. Hwy.

Is Fort Hood the largest military base?

The Fort Hood base, located in Killeen, Bell County in the state of Texas, US, was built in 1942. The base is located 60 miles north of Austin, the capital of Texas. Fort Hood is the biggest active-duty base of the US Armed Forces and currently houses the 1st Cavalry Division and the 4th Infantry Division.

Does Fort Hood have AIT?

Army AIT (Advanced Individual Training) ranges from four to 52 weeks. Secondary locations after initial training at principal locations include Fort Bragg, Fort Gordon, Fort Lewis, and Fort Hood (to name a few).

What does Doim stand for?


Acronym Definition
DOIM Director of Information Management
DOIM Dense Optical Interface Module
DOIM Directorate Of Information Management
DOIM Dunedain of Iron Myth (gaming guild)

Can civilians enter Fort Hood?

Installation Access Passes: The Fort Hood VWC issues passes to all non-DoD persons with a valid reason for entering the installation. Before receiving a pass all non-DoD persons are required to undergo security vetting.

Is Fort Hood a good duty station?

Welcome to Fort Hood Like the State of Texas, Fort Hood is big and boasts of being the largest active duty armored post in the United States Armed Forces. Fort Hood is nicknamed the Great Place because of the quality of life the post and area offer Soldiers and their Families.

What is the routing number for Fort Hood National Bank?

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  • What is Fort Hood TX address?

    With all the current deployments, be sure to make the most of available down time at Fort Hood. The Fort Hood experience is only limited by the individual. So, make the most of the time here! Location. 1001 761st Tank Battalion Ave. Bldg. 1001, Room W105 Fort Hood, TX 76544-5005. Phone: 254-286-5139

    What is the stateside DSN prefix?

    What is the stateside DSN prefix? Area Codes 312 for the Continental United States (NORTHCOM) and Puerto Rico. 313 for the Caribbean. 314 for EUCOM. Can I call a DSN number from a cell phone? Calling DSN From a Cell Phone: To call a DSN number from a cell phone, please dial 098-938-1111. At the dial tone, please enter the desired DSN number.

    What is Fort Hood address?

    Fort Hood is a United States military post located outside of Killeen, Texas. The post is named after Confederate General John Bell Hood. It is located halfway between Austin and Waco, about 60 miles (97 km) from each, within the U.S. state of Texas. Its origin was the need for wide-open space to test and train with World War II tank destroyers.