What version of Linux does FreePBX use?

What version of Linux does FreePBX use?

The FreePBX Distro Linux distribution is based on CentOS, which maintains binary compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

How do I check my FreePBX version?

In the System Admin Module: Open the System Admin module in the GUI, and look for the PBX Firmware version number in the module’s home page: If you do not see the PBX Firmware version number, you are not using the official FreePBX Distro.

What OS is FreePBX?


Developer(s) FreePBX Project Sangoma Technologies Corporation
Initial release November 28, 2004
Stable release 15 / October 31, 2019
Repository github.com/FreePBX
Operating system Linux, FreeBSD

What is Fwconsole?

“fwconsole” is the Linux command that controls FreePBX 13+ from the Linux command prompt. You can do so by accessing the keyboard of the machine where you installed FreePBX, or remotely using an SSH client such as Putty.

What is the difference between Asterisk and FreePBX?

FreePBX, as per the definition from FreePBX.org, is “a web-based open source GUI (graphical user interface) that controls and manages Asterisk.” So it’s a GUI built on top of Asterisk that makes it easier to deploy a PBX from that Asterisk core. It’s a complete IP-PBX. So they are two separate open-source projects.

How do I know Asterisk version?

I don’t know about FreePBX 2.5, but on 2.8 and later, you can find out the version of Asterisk by clicking on Settings, and then selecting the “Asterisk Info” module.

How do I find my Asterisk version?

And you may now enter “Asterisk -V” to get the version without entering the Asterisk Command line. If you enter “asterisk -r” or “asterisk -R” instead, you’ll get a Remote Command Line for asterisk, and you’ll need to enter “exit” to get back to the Linux (OS) command line.

How do I use a FreePBX softphone?

How to create Extension and connect Soft Phone with FreePBX GUI

  1. Fill your desired Ext # as i put 1122.
  2. Fill your Display Name as i put Shahid.
  3. Fill your email address as this email address will be used if you need to get notified on email for voice mail.
  4. click on Next.

Can I install Asterisk on Windows?

AsteriskWin32 is port of Asterisk to Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. Built under Cygwin, it runs in both a console mode and as a GUI. You can now easily install and run Asterisk on your computer!

What do the FreePBX Distro version numbers mean?

The FreePBX Distro Version Numbering System tells you at a glance what the core pieces of each track are. Numbers correspond to a major track number, GUI version, operating system, and minor release revision.

What version of FreePBX GUI do I have?

Lots of other companies will bundle FreePBX GUI on their own LAMP (Linux, Asterisk, MySQL, PHP and Asterisk) stack, but that does not mean those systems are the Official FreePBX Distro. If you are using the Official FreePBX Distro, you will be able to see its version number.

What is the FreePBX download?

The download is an ISO file containing everything you need. This will completely re-format the hard drive you install it on. Upon completion, you will have a fully functioning FreePBX system, ready to configure for phones and SIP trunks. Below is a list of the different download versions and links to each one.

How do I Find my FreePBX version number?

If you are using the Official FreePBX Distro, you will be able to see its version number. Where Can I Find my Version Number? If you are using the Official FreePBX Distro, you will see its version number after you execute the appropriate command below.