What was found inside the Hunley?

What was found inside the Hunley?

Researchers have found human remains inside the H.L. Hunley, the first submarine in history to sink an enemy warship, after it emerged from a 75,000-gallon tank of chemicals.

Was the Hunley ever found?

The Search for the Hunley The world would have to wait until technology caught up with the search, with modern tools ultimately helping locate her. After fifteen years of searching, on May 3rd, 1995, New York Times best-selling author Clive Cussler and his team finally found the submarine.

Where is the real Hunley?

Hunley did not survive the attack and also sank, taking with her all eight members of her third crew, and was lost. Finally located in 1995, Hunley was raised in 2000, and is on display in North Charleston, South Carolina, at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center on the Cooper River.

Why is the H.L. Hunley famous?

H.L. Hunley, byname Hunley, Confederate submarine that operated (1863–64) during the American Civil War and was the first submarine to sink (1864) an enemy ship, the Union vessel Housatonic.

What human remains were found on the Hunley?

The sunken submarine was found in 1995 and raised from the bottom in 2000. Mysteriously, the skeletons of all eight of the crew were all still at their stations, with no broken bones, and the sub was in very good condition, Lance reports. “There were some holes in the hull that were the result of time under the sea.

What caused the Hunley to sink?

On February 17, 1864, the H.L. Hunley sank from an explosion shortly after it plunged a live torpedo into the hull of the Union warship USS Housatonic.

What did the Hunley sink?

The Hunley became the world’s first successful combat submarine when it sank the USS Housatonic on February 17th, 1864. Once the torpedo had detonated on the Housatonic, the submarine signaled to shore she had completed her mission and was on the way home.

What killed the Hunley crew?

The Hunley was small and cramped—not even large enough for its crew to stand up straight—yet its men showed no attempt even to get away from where they were stationed. It’s why researchers at Duke University proposed that they must have been killed instantly, perhaps by the blast from the submarine’s own spar torpedo.

How did the Hunley sink?

On February 17, 1864, the ship headed out of Charleston Harbor and approached the U.S.S. Housatonic. The Hunley struck a torpedo into the Yankee ship and then backed away before the explosion. The Housatonic sank in shallow water, and the Hunley became the first submarine to sink a ship in battle.

What killed the crew of the Hunley?

The Hunley itself later sank, with its crew of eight aboard. According to research led by Rachel Lance, who studied the incident during her Ph. D. in biomedical engineering at Duke University, the crew were killed by massive lung and brain injuries caused indirectly by their own torpedo.

What happened to the crew of the Hunley?

Others claimed the mooring lines of another ship became tangled on the sub, pulling it onto its side until its hatches were underwater. Whatever happened, the result was the same: the Hunley sank immediately, taking five of her crew down to their deaths.

What happened to the bodies of the men on the Hunley?

Crew Remains: Archaeologists excavating the Hunley after its recovery in 2000 found the crewmembers’ remains were largely found at their stations, with no sign of panic or desperate attempts to escape the submarine.