What was the contribution of LAMCO to Liberia?

What was the contribution of LAMCO to Liberia?

Founded in 1955 by American and Swedish investors, the company established the first large-scale mining operation in Liberia following the discovery in the 1950s of the Nimba ore body by geologist Sandy Clarke.

What is the meaning of lamco?


Acronym Definition
LAMCO Liberian-American/Swedish Company

What is the name of the first iron ore mining company in Liberia?

influence on Vaitown. …was long associated with the Liberian Mining Company (LMC; a subsidiary of Republic Steel Corporation), which closed down mining operations in the late 1970s. The firm, the first in Liberia to export iron ore, completed a 43-mile (69-km) narrow-gauge railway to the port at Monrovia in 1951.

What minerals are found in Liberia?

Important economic deposits of iron ore, gold and diamonds are known in Liberia and there is considerable potential for additional discoveries….These include:

  • barite.
  • bauxite.
  • manganese.
  • heavy mineral sands.
  • kyanite.
  • phosphate.
  • kaolin-rich clay.
  • silica sand.

Does Liberia have diamonds?

In Liberia, diamonds are produced solely from alluvial placers by artisanal miners located in the west and central parts of the country. Liberia has a long history of alluvial diamond production, with an output of about 14 million carats during the last 50 years.

How many mining companies are in Liberia?

Currently, there are 1293 mining operations in the country (MLME 2010), of which 1142 (88.3%) are ASM, 65 (5%) are medium size, 78 (6%) are exploration companies, and 8 (0.6%) are large-scale enterprises.

Where are diamonds found in Liberia?

Is Liberia rich in diamond?

Overview. Liberia has rich mineral deposits. Historically, mineral extraction – particularly of iron ore, gold, and diamonds – has been a leading export sector. Diamond deposits, primarily exploited via alluvial and artisanal diamond mining, are widespread throughout the country.

Who is the richest Liberian?

Benoni Urey is currently the richest man in Liberia with an estimated net worth of $33 million as of 2020.

Which county in Liberia has the highest gold?

The Gondoja Hills area which is located 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) to the north east of Weaju is considered productive. In the Bea Mountain region, the Larjor and Kinjor camps are major hard rock artisanal mining locations. Gbarpolu County still remains one of Liberia most fertile county for gold mining.

What are the two types of diamonds found in Liberia?

Liberia — an under-explored West African diamond region: Potential for new alluvial and bedrock diamond discoveries in under-explored Archean terrane.

What is Lamco?

The Liberian-American-Swedish Mining Company (LAMCO) is a defunct Liberian corporation that mined for iron ore in the Nimba range in Liberia during the second half of the twentieth century.

What happened to Lamco?

The Swedish group joined the exploration project as partners and the company was renamed Liberian-American-Swedish Minerals Company – LAMCO. The Putu region was proven a disappointment and the Scottish Geologist, Sandy Clarke, was sent to explore mineral deposits in the Nimba area.

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