What was the Moon on January 28 2016?

What was the Moon on January 28 2016?

Waning Gibbous Phase The Waning Gibbous on January 28 has an illumination of 82%. This is the percentage of the Moon illuminated by the Sun. The illumination is constantly changing and can vary up to 10% a day. On January 28 the Moon is 18.91 days old.

What day is the new moon in January?

Moon Phases & Next Full Moon:

Moon Phase Date and Time
Full Moon Monday, January 17th, 6:48 pm
Third Quarter Moon Tuesday, January 25th, 8:40 am
New Moon Tuesday, February 1st, 12:46 am
First Quarter Moon Tuesday, February 8th, 8:50 am

When was the full moon in 2016?

Dates of Moon Phases in 2016 Year

Lunar Phase Local Date & Time — Mountain View (America/Los Angeles) UTC Date & Time
New Moon April 7, Thu April 7, Thu
First Quarter April 13, Wed April 14, Thu
Full Moon April 21, Thu April 22, Fri
Last Quarter April 29, Fri April 30, Sat

How many full moons were in 2016?

four full moons
In spring 2016, there are four full moons, occurring on March 23, April 22, May 21 and June 20. June 20, 2016, is the first day of summer if you live north of the equator, but south of the equator, that date is the first day of winter. In 2016, the summer solstice comes at 2234 GMT or 6:34 p.m. EDT on June 20.

Is there a new moon in January 2022?

New Moon: January 2, 1:35 P.M. First Quarter: January 9, 1:13 P.M. Last Quarter: January 25, 8:42 A.M. → When is the next full Moon?

What is the Wolf moon 2022?

The first full moon of 2022 rises tonight (Jan. 17) alongside the Martin Luther King holiday in the United States and you can expect a dazzling (if chilly) view of Earth’s neighbor, weather permitting. The January full moon, also known as the full Wolf Moon, reaches its peak tonight at 6:48 p.m. EST (1148 GMT).

When was the full moon September 2016?

September 16, 2016
We know that the upcoming full moon on September 16, 2016 will be the Northern Hemisphere’s Harvest Moon. We also know that this full moon will pass through the Earth’s penumbral shadow, to display a faint penumbral eclipse seen from the world’s Eastern Hemisphere.

What day is the waxing moon?

February 2022

February 2022
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
1 New Moon 2 Waxing Crescent
7 Waxing Crescent 8 Waxing Crescent 9 First Quarter
14 Waxing Gibbous 15 Waxing Gibbous 16