What was the restaurant in Get Shorty?

What was the restaurant in Get Shorty?

The Ivy Restaurant – 113 N. Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA (Restaurant meeting with Harry, Martin, Chili, & Karen.)

Where did they film Get Shorty?

Los Angeles
Chili Palmer (John Travolta) abandons the simple, honest world of loan sharking in Miami for the devious Machiavellian business of movie production in Hollywood. In fact, the whole film was shot in Los Angeles.

Why is it called Get Shorty?

The title “Get Shorty” from both the film and the book title refers to Orson Welles’ chauffeur George ‘Shorty’ Chirello. That in part was recited by John Travolta’s character from Welles’ film Touch of Evil (1958).

Who made the movie Get Shorty?

Barry Sonnenfeld
Get Shorty is a 1995 American gangster comedy film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and written by Scott Frank. It is based on Elmore Leonard’s novel of the same name and stars John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo, and Danny DeVito.

Is Get Shorty a sequel to Pulp Fiction?

Get Shorty was a hit movie in 1995, part of John Travolta’s post-Pulp Fiction comeback. He played Chili Palmer, a shylock who came to Hollywood to collect a debt from a producer (Gene Hackman) and fell in love with the movie business. The success of the movie inspired Elmore Leonard to write a sequel.

Is Chili Palmer a real person?

The real-life person who inspired the character of Chili Palmer makes a cameo near the end of Get Shorty. His name is Ernest “Chili” Palmer and happens to be a close friend of author Elmore Leonard. Ernest Palmer appears onscreen as one of Ray “Bones” Barboni’s (Dennis Farina) friends.

Is BE COOL A sequel to Shorty?

Be Cool” is a sequel to “Get Shorty,” 1995’s rich, dark comedic satire of Hollywood and criminals, but perhaps it’s best not to dwell too much on that. “Be Cool” has a different comic agenda, a different vibe and different rhythms.

How much is Danny Devito?

As of 2022, Danny DeVito’s net worth is roughly $80 million. Danny DeVito is an American actor, director, producer, and filmmaker from New Jersey….

Net Worth: $80 Million
Age: 76
Born: November 17, 1944
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Actor

Did Quentin Tarantino have anything to do with Get Shorty?

Tarantino had dated one of Get Shorty’s producers, who gave him the script. He called John and said: “This is not the movie you pass on.” Travolta said he didn’t get it, but Quentin said: “Trust me and do it.” John was perfect as Chili Palmer. He is one of the greatest actors with a walk.

Was the Real Chili Palmer in Get Shorty?

What age is Gene Hackman?

92 years (January 30, 1930)Gene Hackman / Age

How tall is Danny Devito?

4′ 10″Danny DeVito / Height