What was Watford Gap services originally called?

What was Watford Gap services originally called?

The first owners of the services were Blue Boar Limited, a family company that owned a nearby petrol station on the A5. Although the official name has always been Watford Gap, the services were colloquially called Blue Boar for some time after opening.

Why is Watford Gap famous?

The historical geographic importance of the area led to many modern communication routes passing through this narrow gap: the coming of the railways brought the London and Birmingham Railway, now known as the West Coast Main Line; the most recent addition, in 1959, was the M1, Britain’s first inter-urban motorway.

When was Watford Gap Services opened?

It opened in stages, with the northbound restaurant and footbridge opening on 13 September 1960, and the southbound transport café opening on 1 October 1960.

Which is the oldest motorway service station?

Watford Gap
The first service station opened in Watford Gap in 1959 – and the motorway meal was born.

Why is it called Watford?

The name Watford may have arisen from the Old English for “waet” (full of water – the area was marshy), or “wath” (hunting), and ford.

Where does the North of England Start?

T he north of Britain now officially starts in Leicestershire, according to a new study. The UK’s population centre has moved from Upper Midway in Derbyshire to Snarestone in Leicestershire, experts at Liverpool University have said.

What was the first service station in the UK?

When Watford Gap opened as the humble Blue Boar cafe 60 years ago, it became the UK’s first motorway service station. For many villagers living nearby, it became a destination in and of itself. It had a futuristic and even sophisticated air, with its cafe run by uniformed service staff.

Where was the first service station UK?

The first filling station in England was opened in November 1919 at Aldermaston, Berkshire by the Automobile Association (AA).

How old is Watford?

The club recognises its foundation as 1881, aligned with that of its antecedent, Watford Rovers, and was established as Watford Football Club in 1898. After finishing the 1914–15 season as Southern League champions under the management of Harry Kent, Watford joined the Football League in 1920.

Which part of England is Watford?

Watford, town and borough (district), administrative and historic county of Hertfordshire, England. It is situated on the northwest periphery of London and on the Rivers Colne and Gade and the Grand Union Canal.

When did the first service station open in Watford Gap?

Living the dream in Keele services in 1964. Photograph: PA The first service station opened in Watford Gap in 1959 – and the motorway meal was born. What does its evolution tell us about British tastes, past and present? O n a drizzly day, Britain isn’t looking – or tasting – its best.

Where are the Watford Gap motorway services located?

Watford Gap services (Northamptonshire) Watford Gap services are motorway services on the M1 motorway in Northamptonshire, England.

Why is it called Watford Gap?

The services are named after the nearby Watford Gap, a crossing point of the limestone ridge just north of the village of Watford; the name is unrelated to that of the town of Watford in Hertfordshire.

When did the M1 shift north from Watford Gap?

This shift upwards reached its peak 30-odd miles north of Watford Gap, at Leicester Forest East, which opened with the second phase of the M1 in 1966. It was another bridge services, run by the Ross Group in Grimsby with a fresh delivery of fish every day.