What year did Grand Rapids flood?

What year did Grand Rapids flood?

Historic Flooding of the flood, 134 properties in Grand Rapids were impacted by a river flood near Grand Rapids, MI in April, 2013.

When was the worst flood in New York City?

Wappinger Creek, near Wappingers Falls, NY, exceeded the all-time high stage reached during the hurricane flood of September 1938. Severe flooding occurred through its entire course. The flood in the Neversink River, a tributary of the Delaware in New York, also exceeded previous flood records.

Did the Hudson River flood?

Major flooding occurred in the Hudson, Housatonic and Connecticut River drainages as a slow moving storm brought heavy rain. Major flooding along the Hudson River at Albany. The famed New Years ice storm and flood which caused the flood of record on the Hoosic River at Kinderhook along with other streams.

What caused the Big Thompson flood in 1976?

In 1976, Colorado saw the most powerful flood that the state had seen in 1,000s of years. The flooding occurred when a massive amount of rain fell in the Loveland area, most of which came down during a window of one to two hours.

Does the Grand River flood?

The Grand River system has a long history of flooding. Floods can occur in all seasons: during the spring melt, following major rainstorms in summer and fall, and during a rapid melt or because of an ice jam in the winter.

When did New York flood 2021?

On the night of Sept. 1, a dire flash flood emergency was issued for New York, with scores of water rescues occurring as rising floodwaters killed at least 50 people in the Northeast.

Has Manhattan ever been flooded?

Downtown Manhattan has likely experienced flooding in the past. of the flood, 466 properties in Downtown Manhattan were impacted by Hurricane Sandy’s storm surge in October, 2012. Learn more about historic floods.

Did Hurricane Ida hit upstate New York?

The remnants of Hurricane Ida swept through a large chunk of eastern upstate New York as well as the downstate metro area Wednesday and Thursday, dropping record amounts of rainfall.

How many people died in the Thompson Canyon flood?

On July 31, 1976, during the celebration of Colorado’s centennial, the Big Thompson Canyon was the site of a devastating flash flood that swept down the steep and narrow canyon, claiming the lives of 143 people, 5 of whom were never found.