What year is the Renault Clio 3?

What year is the Renault Clio 3?

Despite this, the Clio III was unveiled at 2005’s Frankfurt Motor Show, and was named European Car of the Year for the second time in 2006. Most recently, the Clio IV hit Renault dealers in 2013.

Is Renault Clio petrol or diesel?

While it might not sell in the same kind of volume as some of its rivals, the Renault Clio is just as well known to most car buyers. The highlights of the engine line-up are Renault’s smooth 1.5-litre diesel and a turbocharged three-cylinder 0.9-litre petrol engine both with 88bhp.

Is a Clio a woman’s car?

4. Renault Megane – 45 out of 1,000 matches. Weirdly the Megane has the opposite effect that its baby brother, the Clio, does on women. Yet more proof that size doesn’t matter.

What does Clio mean in French?

Wiktionary. Clionoun. The Muse of history and heroic poetry. Etymology: From the kleein, (to make famous, celebrate)

Where is the Renault Clio built?

Currently, Renault builds the Clio in Flins, France; Novo Mesto, Slovenia; and Bursa Turkey. In future 94 percent of the Clios will be built in Bursa and Novo Mesto, according to one industry source, with the remaining 6 percent assembled at Flins.

Can you get a diesel Clio?

We put the new three-cylinder diesel Clio through its paces Although pricier than the petrol options, the diesel engine is incredibly efficient and refined, giving the car a grown-up feel.

Do Renault still make diesel cars?

Renault will remove the majority of its diesel engine options in the UK by the end of the year, leaving only the Mégane available to order with diesel power. The sole engine option is now a turbocharged 1.3-litre petrol with 138bhp.

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What is the fuel consumption of a Renault Clio?

The model offers variants with quite good fuel economy, going down to 3.2 l/100 km (73.5 mpg) (Renault Clio IV Grandtour (facelift 2016) 1.5 Energy dCi (90 Hp)). Highest fuel consumption in the range is 11.2 l/100 km (21 mpg) (2001 Renault Clio Sport Coupe 3.0 V6 (226 Hp)).

Is the Renault Clio III a good car?

This second phase Clio III sports a cabin that’s a good deal better screwed together and made of more durable materials than its rather reedy predecessor. It also runs on largely tried and tested mechanicals, so Renault has lessened the risk of problems cropping up quite cleverly.

What kind of engine does a Clio have?

In May 1996, with the arrival of the phase three facelifted Clio, the 1.2 L Energy engine was replaced by the 1,149 cc D7F MPi (multi point injection) DiET engine, first used in the Renault Twingo; for some time also, versions were available with the older 1239 cc “Cléon” unit from the original Twingo.

What is the wheelbase of a Renault Clio?

Wheelbase is between 2472 mm (97.32 in.) and 2589 mm (101.93 in.), depending on the variant. How much horsepower is Renault Clio? Output starts at 49 Hp in the first generation Clio and goes up to 225 Hp in the Sport Coupe variants. What is the fuel consumption of Renault Clio?