What year Mercury dimes are valuable?

What year Mercury dimes are valuable?

Mercury Dime Values Can Be High The 1921 and 1921 D also can be highly valued with prices of $48 to $61 for coins in good condition and $96 to $178 for coins in fine condition. The 1926 S will likely have a minimum value of $10 for coins in good condition.

How much is a 1943 Mercury dime worth?

Pricing the 1943 Mercury Dime

1943 Mercury Dime $2.25 $4.50
1943 Mercury Dime (D) $2.25 $4.50
1943 Mercury Dime (S) $2.25 $5
Source: Red Book

What is a 1944 Mercury dime worth?

The 1944 dime value is $1.74 for a coin that is circulated, priced close to its worth in silver value. Old Mercury dimes are widely collected however and there is potential of higher value. The majority of these silver dimes are heavily circulated and worn, lacking many of the original details.

How do I sell my Mercury dimes?

reDollar.com is a great place to sell Mercury dimes for a really high price. Although the coin weighs only 2.5 grams, you can sell it for $1.56, which is much more than its face value of 10 cents. Mercury silver dimes are made of 90% pure silver and 10% copper.

Are Mercury dimes a good investment?

These coins are sometimes referred to as “junk silver” because they are in circulated condition, but make no mistake: they are a wise investment, indeed. Mercury dimes in particular are prized by collectors and often trade at a premium to other types of 90% silver.

What is a 1942 Mercury dime worth?

1942 S Mercury Dime Value

1942 Mercury dime value by JM Bullion
Coin Good quality Uncirculated quality
1942 Mercury dime $2.25 $4.5
1942 S Mercury dime $2.25 $6
1942 D Mercury dime $2.25 $4.5

Is 1943 Mercury dime rare?

The US mint made the 1943 dime from early January to mid-February of that year. It is not seen in circulation today because there are only a few hundred estimated to survive today out of the thousands that were initially struck.

How much is a 1939 Mercury dime worth?

Pricing the 1939 Mercury Dime

1939 Mercury Dime $2.25 $3.25
1939 Mercury Dime (D) $2.25 $3.25
1939 Mercury Dime (S) $2.25 $4
Source: Red Book

Are any Mercury dimes valuable?

Mercury Dime Values Those in very good condition are worth $2.79 to $17, while you need to pay approximately $3.32 to $29 for those in fine condition. A few dates are worth more: 1916 D costs $1,107 in a good, $1,672 in very good, and $2,892 in fine condition.

What makes a Mercury dime valuable?

The Mercury dime series does not boast many key dates, semi-keys, or rare varieties, but those that it does offer are quite valuable. These include the series key 1916-D, the semi-key 1921 and 1921-D, and the 1942/1 and 1942/1-D overdates.

What are 5 Mercury dimes worth?

$5 Face Value – 90% Silver Mercury Dimes

QTY Check/Wire
1 – 4 $764.21
5+ $759.21

What is the error on a 1942 Mercury dime?

Is it a dime struck with a dual date? A: Two major “overdate” Mint errors exist for 1942, one from the Philadelphia Mint and one from the Denver Mint. Both were produced when production dies in the preparation process were first sunk with a 1941-dated hub die and then, by accident, finished with 1942 hub dies.

What is the most valuable Mercury dime?

– 1921 Mercury dime — $55+ – 1921-D Mercury dime — $70+ – 1949 Roosevelt dime — $3+ – 1949-D Roosevelt dime — $3+ – 1949-S Roosevelt dime — $4+ – 1950 Roosevelt dime — $3+ – 1950-S Roosevelt dime — $3+ – 1996-W Roosevelt dime — $10+

What dimes are worth more than 10 cents?

Silver dimes are worth more than their face value of 10 cents due to their 90 percent silver content. For example, a 1964 dime is 90% silver, which means it contains 0.07234 troy ounces of silver worth $1.82 in 2021!

What is the price of a Mercury dime?

These coins can be had for as little as $1.50, but may also be valued upwards of $1500 for a single coin. If you have a Mercury Dime that appears to be in good condition and it bears a desirable date, you may wish to consider having it professionally graded by reputable company such as PCGS or NGC.

What is the value of a silver Mercury dime?

Recognize the Different Series of Dimes – US dimes span many design series,dating back to the beginnings of US coinage.

  • Date and Mintmark Variety – Within the different dime series,date and mintmark combination are next identified accurately.
  • Grading Condition – Values on the charts cover a range depending on preservation of a coin.