What year model is XRM 125?

What year model is XRM 125?

XRM125 is a unique motorcycle model made exclusively in the Philippines. Since its production in December 2001, the total production volume has reached over 1.83 million units.

How many horsepower is XRM 125?

The XRM125 is an off-road-inspired underbone motorcycle manufactured by Honda. Powered by a 124.89cc 4-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder engine that produces 9.54hp and 9.55Nm of torque, the XRM125 is available in Motard, Dual Sport, and Dual Sport Extreme Variants with varying levels of off-road accessories.

How many stroke is XRM 125?

XRM125 Motard Features Highlights The 4-stroke, SOHC engine generates maximum power of 7.12 kW and maximum torque of 9.55 Nm. The front and rear disc brakes produce precise stopping power.

Does XRM 125 have clutch?

Has gears, but no clutch.

What is XRM Motard?

The Honda XRM 125 Motard has a four-stroke mechanism under the hood. This engine has a displacement capacity of 124.8 cc which can make a maximum power of 9.4 PS at 7,500 rpm along with a peak torque of 10.4 Nm, which comes at just 5,000 rpm.

What is the meaning of XRM?

Filters. (X=Anything Relationship Management) A Microsoft brand for its Dynamics CRM system, which is used for applications other than customers. A CRM system keeps track of people and their relationships with other people and events.

Is Honda XRM 125 semi-automatic?

Made in the Philippines with Japanese precision, the XRM’s 125cc SOHC engine is small but solid. Honda didn’t make any changes; the air-cooled, fuel-injected mill still makes 9.55hp at 7,500rpm and 9.55Nm at 6,500rpm, and it still drives power to a four-speed semi-automatic transmission.

Is Honda XRM automatic transmission?

How much is XRM 125 FI?

Honda XRM125 DSX February 2022 prices start from ₱71,900.00 in Philippines.

Is XRM semi automatic?

The semi-automatic transmission with a rotary gearshift pattern (four down, four up) makes shifting gears seamless even in stop-and-go traffic.

What is a clutch lining?

The clutch disc consists of a metal disc covered with a frictional facing similar to brake shoes or pads. The lining is made of a woven or moulded non-organic material that also contains particles of soft metal such as aluminium or brass. The clutch disc is located between the flywheel and pressure plate.

What is a motard bike?

A motard is a dual- purpose or dirt bike that has been repurposed for the street with road going sport bike tires, smaller street wheels and street suspension usually. They are wicked quick and corner like crazy.

What are the features of XRM Motard?

Built with stylish alloy wheels, an engine with a black finish, classy new stripes, foot pegs, a rear rail grab, and front and rear brakes, the XRM Motard makes riding look good. 3.3 View the detailed rating of value for money, design and look, reliability, etc. Compare with any other bike.

How much does the all-new xrm125 Motard cost?

And, of course, it has that added Under Cowl that provides better protection, making The All-New XRM125 more durable, reliable, and tougher in performance. The XRM125 Motard has a Fighting Red color variant with a suggested retail price of PhP73,900.

How much does the xrm125 Motard cost in the Philippines?

The XRM125 Motard has a Fighting Red color variant with a suggested retail price of PhP73,900. .