Whats in Fowlers Bay?

Whats in Fowlers Bay?


  • Excellent fishing off the jetty, beaches and rock ledges.
  • 4WD over beautiful sand dunes and along the stunning coastline.
  • Whale watching (June to October)
  • Sea lion colony.
  • Snorkelling, swimming and sand boarding (sand boards are available at kiosk, no fee for Park guests)

Is Fowlers Bay on the Eyre peninsula?

Fowlers Bay Caravan Park is a privately owned park located on the far west coast of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Fowlers Bay is a small fishing village with a 340 metre long solar lit jetty which is renowned for its enormous squid and Tommy Ruffs in the hundreds!

Is the road to Fowlers Bay sealed?

It is a 10km sealed road, followed by a 12km unsealed road. By air, When travelling on our roads, please be mindful that Fowlers bay is home to many a native animal.

How big is Ceduna?

In the 2011 census the Ceduna urban area had a population of 2,289, and the Ceduna council area a population of 3,480. Ceduna has a number of Indigenous homelands situated within 20–30 minutes of the town. These are groupings of Indigenous families who have chosen to live together.

Can you see whales from the shore at Fowlers Bay?

Whales can be also spotted in areas along Eyre Peninsula such as Thorny Passage Marine Park at Sleaford Bay and Nuyts Archipelago at Fowlers Bay. You’ll be amazed by the number of southern right whales nursing their young beneath the viewing platforms.

Are the whales still at Fowlers Bay?

Share in the spectacular experience of the Southern Right Whale as they migrate every year. Once the sight of a whaling station, the waters around Fowlers Bay are now teeming with whales throughout the winter.

Can you swim at Fowlers Bay?

The closest beach to the Nullarbor, there is something for everyone here! Located only two and a half hours from the Head of Bight, travellers can tailor their time around swimming in Fowlers Bay Beach and then heading to whale watch another day.

Is Fowlers Bay worth visiting?

Whether you’re after a quiet place to fish off the jetty or hoping to catch a glimpse of the impressive whales in the Great Australian Bight, Fowlers Bay is a nice place to head from Ceduna. There are also some great stops on the way, including surf spots and museums.

Is Ceduna worth visiting?

Definitely worth a visit this Arts and Culture centre has original Aboriginal paintings, didgeridoos, boomerangs and gifts for sale. As well it offers a rare insight into the indigenous history and culture of the area.

Is Ceduna a good place to live?

Great outback Settlements such as Penong, Coorabie and Fowlers Bay to explore your the West. Ceduna itself is a clicky and peculiar town. Friendly enough, however people keep a certain reserve. If you need a cafe fix you have the touristy and upmarket town of Streaky Bay 110km south of Ceduna.

Are there orcas in Adelaide?

Rare sighting of orca off the coast of South Australia 🐋 Killer Whales Australia David Donnelly told ABC’s David Bevan it is very rare to see killer whales in South Australia. “It’s incredibly uncommon, we have very few records, so we are very pleased with the efforts of Mark and his team on getting this footage.”

How many whales are in Fowlers Bay?

Each year from June through to October, over 100 individual whales pass through our bay on their annual migration with our highest daily count being 67 whales including 27 calves during the 2018 season!! 2021 is set to be a great season with 17 calves born in Fowlers Bay in July.

Where is Fowlers Bay?

Whereis> SA> Fowlers Bay Map of Fowlers Bay, SA 5690 Fowlers Bay, formerly known as Yalata, is a bay, town and locality in the Australian state of South Australia located about 658 kilometres (409 mi) north-west of the state capital, Adelaide. The town is located on Port Eyre, at the western end of the larger Fowlers Bay.

What happened to Fowlers Bay?

Situated on the Nullarbor Plain, it was once an active port and a gateway to the western reaches of the continent, but fell into decline in the 1960s. At the 2016 census, the localities of Fowlers Bay and Coorabie shared a population of 51.

What fish can you catch in Fowlers Bay?

The waters of Fowlers Bay are known as ideal for fishing for Mulloway, Whiting, Garfish, Tommy Ruff, Trevally. Surf fishing is possible and worthwhile from Scott’s Beach and Mexican Hat; the jetty is immediately accessible; and boats fishing in the bay will often return with a good haul.

When is the best time to visit Fowlers Bay?

Operating from Fowlers Bay during the months of July, August and September, take a cruise to watch these majestic animals frolic in the ocean. There’s more, though – dolphins, sea lions, seals, little penguins and White Bellied Sea Eagles. Bookings are essential, so check out their website!