Whats the meaning of allured?

Whats the meaning of allured?

transitive verb. : to entice by charm or attraction … I had been fool enough to allow myself to be so quickly allured by her charms …— Anthony Trollope. allure.

Is allure in English word?

to attract or tempt by something flattering or desirable. to fascinate; charm. verb (used without object), al·lured, al·lur·ing. to be attractive or tempting.

How do you use allure as a verb?

allure used as a verb: To attempt to draw; to tempt by a lure or bait, that is, by the offer of some good, real or apparent; to invite by something flattering or acceptable; to entice; to attract. “With promised joys allured them on. — William Falconer.”

Is allure a synonym?

Some common synonyms of allure are attract, captivate, charm, enchant, and fascinate. While all these words mean “to draw another by exerting a powerful influence,” allure implies an enticing by what is fair, pleasing, or seductive.

Is allure a good word?

Something that has allure is powerfully attractive and tempting. A career in Hollywood might have great allure to a teenager who loves acting. You’ve probably noticed that allure contains lure, from the German word luder meaning “bait.” A well-made lure is so alluring to a fish that it won’t notice the hook.

How do you use the word allured in a sentence?

Allured sentence example Knowing and doing allured him equally, and in art, which consists in doing, his efforts were often paralysed by his strained desire to know.

How do you allure someone?

“This usually involves openness, smiling, touching [when other people are comfortable with it], and making and sustaining eye contact,” certified counselor Jonathan Bennett tells Bustle. “They give off a ‘vibe’ of confidence, charm, and attractiveness that makes others want to talk to them and get to know them better.”

What is another word for alluring?

In this page you can discover 67 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for alluring, like: inviting, enticing, inveigling, come-hither, bewitching, luring, seductive, tempting, like, siren and witching.

Is alluring a compliment?

alluring – so attractive they are like a lure, tempting and enticing. Not a compliment to be given after a business lunch.

At what age do women’s looks peak?

Women and men are considered to be at their most attractive in their thirties, a US survey of 2,000 people has found. The study, carried out by Allure magazine, found women are considered most beautiful at 30, show signs of ageing at 41, stop looking ‘sexy’ at 53 and are thought of as ‘old’ at 55.

Can a person be alluring?

The definition of alluring is someone or something that is highly attractive, tempting or enchanting. An example of someone who is alluring is a beautiful woman.

What does alluring mean?

The definition of alluring is someone or something that is highly attractive, tempting or enchanting. An example of someone who is alluring is a beautiful woman. adjective

What does the word allure mean?

What does the word allure mean? According to Collins English Dictionary and the American Heritage Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, the word allure can be used as a noun or a verb to refer to appeal, charm or attraction. Allure is two syllables – al-lure, and the pronunciation of allure is əˈlʊər.

irresistibly. seductively. temptingly. “The members of the jury have the power to hamper Aeschines’ melodious eloquence, which will be ineffective if they are not well-disposed to listen to his alluring voice.”. Adverb. . Adverb for appealing to one’s primal urges. racily. raunchily.

What is the definition of Allure?

v.tr. To attract with something desirable; entice: Promises of quick profits allure the unwary investor. v.intr. To be highly, often subtly attractive: charms that still allure.