When can you climb the Red River Gorge?

When can you climb the Red River Gorge?

The best time to climb in the Red is in the spring or in the fall. The prime month is October; just after the sweltering heat and rain of August, and before the heat-sapping cold of the rock demands that you equip your chalk bag with hand-warmers.

What are the best trails at Red River Gorge?

Top 10 Hikes in Red River Gorge

  • Natural Bridge & Laurel Ridge Trail (3.0 miles – easy)
  • Silvermine Arch & Hidden Arch (5.1 miles – moderate)
  • Turtle Back Arch & Rock Bridge (4.0 miles – unmarked – moderate)
  • Rock Bridge Loop (1.5 miles – unmarked – easy)
  • Chimney Top Rock, Princess Arch, & Half Moon Arch (1.8 miles – easy)

Is Red River Gorge busy?

The Red River Gorge is open throughout the year; although, some service roads close in winter. October is peak season for enjoying beautiful foliage. Visit on a weekday if you can. Summer and fall weekends with nice weather are busy.

What is there to do in Red River Gorge in the winter?

The Red River Gorge Winter Vacation Guide

  1. Take a Scenic Drive. A wonderful way to experience the beauty of Red River Gorge is with a scenic drive.
  2. Go Hiking. The Daniel Boone National Forest provides more than 600 miles of trail.
  3. Relax by the Fire in Your Cabin.
  4. Zipline Canopy Tour.
  5. Enjoy Food, Live Music, and Trivia.

Where do you climb the Red River Gorge?

In the Red River Gorge/Slade area there are three hotspot climbing locations including, The Red River Gorge Geological Area, Meir Valley, and the Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve.

Where should I stay when climbing Red River Gorge?


  • 4 Guys RV Park. (606) 663-8858.
  • Camp McKee. (859) 231-7811.
  • Cliffside Camping. (606)-434-2659.
  • John Swift Campground. Primitive camping along the Red River.
  • Koomer Ridge Campground. National Forest Campground with shower facilities.
  • Lago Linda’s.
  • Land of Arches Campground.
  • Natural Bridge Campground.

What is the longest trail in Red River Gorge?

The Rough Trail
The Rough Trail is longest trail through the heart of the Red River Gorge. Many side trail options allow hikers to increase mileage and create additional loops. For the ultimate Gorge experience, connect this trail with the Swift Camp Creek Trail.

Do you have to pay to hike at Red River Gorge?

No fee for trail use. All vehicles on KY 15 or in the Red River Gorge and Indian Creek area north of KY 15 must display a recreation permit for backcountry camping between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. $5/day; $7/3 days; $50/annual pass.

Does Red River Gorge have waterfalls?

Rock Bridge Trail is one of the most scenic trails in Red River Gorge, including the arch (the “rock bridge”) for which the trail is named, and a beautiful waterfall on the way to the arch.

What county is the Red River Gorge in?

The Red River, located in the Red River Gorge, tumbles through huge boulders in a narrow, twisting and largely inaccessible hemlock gorge. Originating in Wolfe County, the Red River runs through Powell County and empties into the Kentucky River south of Winchester.

How many climbs are in the Red River Gorge?

It contains information on over 1600 climbs in addition to unpublished route information on Muir Valley and the Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve. A masterpiece by local climbing legend Ray Ellington.

How many climbing routes are in Red River Gorge?

Red River Gorge Rock climbing 3,469 routes in crag Climbs in all grades on outstanding rock with great features.

What is the best time to rock climb Red River Gorge?

Seasons: Red River Gorge Weather and When to Go Red River Send Temps Kentucky’s prime rock climbing seasons are the Spring (March through late April) and the Fall (October through late November). This is when the temperatures are the crispiest, and moisture levels in the air are low enough for near-perfect friction.

Why choose Redred River Gorge guides?

Red River Gorge Guides has exclusive access to the privately owned Torrent Falls crag. Formerly known as Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure and based in Campton, KY, Southeast Mountain Guides offers on and off site guiding and instruction.

What is the history of climbing in the Red River Gorge?

As with many remote areas, climbing has been going on in the Red River Gorge since before people bothered to record any of their exploits. Proto-climbers were probably scrambling up Chimney Top Rock and the Caver’s Route at Tower Rock in the 50s and 60s.

Who is Red River climbing guides?

He has been professionally practicing as a climbing instructor, photographer, & route developer in the Red since 2014. Whether you are working on a gold medal or just trying to have a good time, Matt is the climbing instructor that will help you get there! Red River Climbing Guides offers guided rock climbing and rappelling in Kentucky’s