When did Dire Straits play at Knebworth?

When did Dire Straits play at Knebworth?

June 30, 1990
On June 30, 1990, an incredible mix of British legends including Paul McCartney, Status Quo and Dire Straits took to the Knebworth stage in what many consider the best British concert of all time.

Did Eric Clapton play money for nothing?

These versions featured extended guitar solos by Knopfler, backed by Eric Clapton and Phil Palmer.

Did ZZ Top sing money for nothing?

Dire Straits were already hugely successful by the mid-’80s, yet the single “Money for Nothing” elevated the band into the upper level of rock stardom. Credit for the song’s popularity can be partly attributed to another classic-rock group, ZZ Top. However, the group was slow to embrace MTV.

What is the meaning of the name Dire Straits?

Merriam-Webster English Dictionary and other dictionary apps state that the phrase “in dire straits” means that someone is in a very bad or difficult situation. The Free Dictionary states that one variation of this phrase is “in desperate straits.” Dire straits is a state of extreme distress.

How old is Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits?

72 years (August 12, 1949)Mark Knopfler / Age

Who was the song Money for Nothing written about?

According to Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, the song’s lyrics were inspired by the comments of a delivery man he met at an appliance store in New York. Knopfler stated that while he was at the back of the store, the deliveryman, whose job was to move appliances, was busy watching MTV on the TVs displayed at the store.

What is the capacity of Knebworth?

Four years later, the Britpop-inspired 10,000-capacity Cool Britannia Festival was first held on the Knebworth estate with Happy Mondays and Ocean Colour Scene topping the 2018 bill.

How many does Knebworth hold?

The defining moment of Britpop, Oasis at Knebworth was a truly magnificent musical spectacle. With 250,000 fans attending over two nights, Oasis were assured their place in musical history. Legend has it that the gigs had the biggest guest list of all time. Soon to be a major film!

Why Dire Straits break up?

Together Mark and David Knopfler were the original lynchpins of one of the world’s most successful rock bands. The bestselling album by Dire Straits was called Brothers In Arms but it has now been revealed that behind the scenes the group was torn apart by a severe case of sibling rivalry.

Why did Dire Straits write Money for Nothing?

This song is about rock star excess and the easy life it brings compared with real work. Mark Knopfler wrote it after overhearing delivery men in a New York department store complain about their jobs while watching MTV. He wrote the song in the store sitting at a kitchen display they had set up.