When did the FFX remaster come out?

When did the FFX remaster come out?

December 26, 2013Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster / Initial release date

What is the difference between Final Fantasy X and the remastered?

The most obvious change is the extensive graphical overhaul. Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 for PS2 were designed with a native 512×416 resolution, while the PS3 and Vita remakes run in much higher native HD resolutions. The PS4 version goes even further by smoothing out the textures.

Is Final Fantasy X and X-2 the same?

, hobbyist gamer. X-2 is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy X that continues the story with Yuna as the main protagonist, rather than Tidus; the main protagonist from the previous game who disappeared in the conclusion of X.

Can I run Final Fantasy X HD?

System Requirements OS: Windows Vista or later. Processor: 2GHz Dual Core CPU. Memory: 1 GB RAM. Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 9600GT VRAM 512MB or later / ATI Radeon HD 2600XT VRAM 512MB or later.

Why was Ffx so popular?

10 IT’S THE BEST: A Fast-Paced Combat System One of the biggest reasons why Final Fantasy X made such a huge impact upon release was its combat system, allowing players to switch out party members on the fly — a first for a Final Fantasy game.

When was FF9 released?

July 7, 2000Final Fantasy IX / Initial release date

When was ff15 released?

November 29, 2016FINAL FANTASY XV / Initial release date

Can my computer run FFXI?

We have verified that FINAL FANTASY XI runs on PCs with the above specs under the situations listed below. We have also confirmed that there are no stability issues….Recommended System Requirements.

Operating System Windows® 8.1 / 10*
CPU Intel® Core™ i3 2.4GHz (or higher)
Memory 2GB or more

Is Ffx open world?

While Final Fantasy X-2 doesn’t have an open world for players to explore since it still uses the same engine and assets from the original, the game is more open and lets players explore the world around them from the get-go through the airship, Celsius.

Does FFX have best story?

The story of Final Fantasy X is one of the best stories ever told in the franchise, if not the entirety of gaming. The story takes several twists and turns that somehow make sense in the context of the game’s world — something that can’t be said for the majority of Final Fantasy games.

When did Final Fantasy X come out on PS3?

Originally released in 2001 for Sony’s PlayStation 2, the game was re-released as Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in 2013, for PlayStation 4 in 2015, Microsoft Windows in 2016, and will be released for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in 2019.

What is the release date of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster?

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Is there a Final Fantasy X audio drama?

Final Fantasy X: Will is an original audio drama included in the release, playing during the ending credits. It features multiple characters from the games, alongside two new characters: the shy summoner Kurgum, and his obnoxious companion, Chuami, who narrates.

Is Final Fantasy X 2 single player?

Mode(s) Single-player. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster is a high-definition remaster of the role-playing video games Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2, originally developed by Square (now Square Enix) on the PlayStation 2 in the early 2000s.