Where are Anna and Lucy twins?

Where are Anna and Lucy twins?

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 35, from Perth, take their sisterly bond to a whole new level – they dress alike, spend every minute together, and plan to have babies with their partner of nine years, Ben Byrne, 40, at the same time.

Did Anna and Lucy get married?

Aussie identical twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque both get engaged to their shared partner of 10 years. Perth twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque are engaged to their shared partner of a decade. Ben Byrne, 37, proposed to the identical twin sisters, 35, in the most recent episode of TLC’s reality TV series Extreme Sisters.

Do Anna and Lucy get pregnant at the same time?

They recently found out that they were most fertile at the same time of the month. “We learnt from the internet that when your temperature goes up your ovulating,” Lucy said in a recent YouTube video. “We’re the three degrees up,” they said after reading their thermometers. “We are ovulating, we are exactly the same.”

Who are the DeCinque Twins on extreme sisters?

The pair, who have forayed their fame into a combined YouTube and Instagram following of 165,000 people, will be sharing even more details of their lives in new US reality TV show Extreme Sisters. Perth twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque have scored a starring role on a US reality TV show. Picture: Instagram/@annalucydecinque

Are Anna and Lucy DeCinque identical twins?

“E xtreme Sisters” Anna and Lucy DeCinque claim to be the world’s “most identical twins,” but looking exactly the same isn’t enough for them. Anna and Lucy, who hail from Australia, have shared the same boyfriend Ben Byrne for 10 years.

Who is Anna DeCinque’s sister?

Anna and Lucy DeCinque are all about “extreme” twinning. Lucy and Anna DeCinque with their fiancé, Ben Byrne. In an interview with The Post in April, Lucy said of her sister, “We think of each other as one person.” “When she goes to the toilet, I come with her; when she has a shower, I come with her,” Anna told The Post.

How old are Anna&Lucy DeCinque now?

Residents of Perth, Australia, Anna & Lucy DeCinque are identical twins who became known for starring in TLC’s reality show, Extreme Sisters. They also made a name for themselves for surgically making themselves look more alike. The two sisters were born on July 19, 1985. They are 35 years old as of 2020.