Where are Bluegreen properties located?

Where are Bluegreen properties located?

Bluegreen Corporation is an American private vacation ownership company based in Boca Raton, Florida.

What Bluegreen resorts are in Florida?


  • Bradenton Beach, Via Roma Beach Resort.
  • Daytona Beach, Daytona SeaBreeze™
  • Holmes Beach, Resort Sixty-Six.
  • Marathon, The Hammocks at Marathon™
  • Orlando, The Fountains.
  • Orlando, Orlando’s Sunshine Resort™
  • Ormond Beach, Casa Del Mar Beach Resort.
  • St. Augustine, Grande Villas at World Golf Village®

Who owns Blue Green Resorts?

Bluegreen VacationsBluegreen Vacations / Parent organization

Was Bluegreen sold?

Bluegreen’s 2019 buyout And that inspired BBX Capital to take action. On March 4, 2019, BBX Capital announced that it would again take Bluegreen private, this time for $16 per share.

Was Bluegreen bought out?

Bluegreen’s 2019 buyout On March 4, 2019, BBX Capital announced that it would again take Bluegreen private, this time for $16 per share. The low trading price does not reflect the value that BBX believes its stake is worth, and it has little interest in selling more shares at current levels.

How can I get out of my Bluegreen timeshare?

Some owners try to cancel their Bluegreen timeshare by contacting a so-called timeshare cancellation or timeshare exit company, but those companies charge from $5,000 to $10,000 upfront to do the same thing that an owner can do themselves – contact Bluegreen to request a cancellation.

How do I sell my Bluegreen owner?

To begin the process of selling your Bluegreen timeshare, please give one of our Bluegreen specialists a call at (877) 624-6889. You may also fill out the form on this page and a licensed agent will phone you to answer any questions you may have .

Are timeshares a tax write off?

Yes, you can get a deduction from the property taxes you pay on your timeshare. Just be sure you follow the rules to make it stick: The taxes assessed must be separate from any maintenance fees (the two are sometimes lumped together in timeshare bills).

Does Vistana have a buyback program?

How do I give my Vistana / Sheraton / Westin Timeshare back? This program provides a free service to allow existing Vistana/Sheraton/Westin owners to exit their ownership and surrender it back to Marriott directly!

What is a Bluegreen Club Resort?

Club Resorts are typically developed and/or managed by the Bluegreen family of companies. Each resort is held to the high Bluegreen standards for accommodations, amenities, service and hospitality. The Official Vacation Ownership Provider of Bass Pro Shops ® and Choice Hotels ®.

Is Bluegreen part of Choice Hotels International?

Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. (“Bluegreen”) is the “Official Vacation Ownership Provider” of Choice Hotels International, Inc. (“Choice”). Choice is not a partner, joint venture or an affiliate of Bluegreen, or of any of its affiliates and any inferences to the contrary shall be expressly negated.

How many Bluegreen Resorts are in the US?

Over 60 Bluegreen resorts at more than 40 destinations span the continent, from Cape Cod to Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. They dot the Great Smokies and Appalachians, cluster in the Ozarks and follow the Gulf Stream around the sunny Florida peninsula and up the Eastern Seaboard.

What are the most popular accommodations at Bluegreen Vacations?

Among our most popular accommodations are two-bedroom suites that include living rooms, full kitchens, balconies and more. They are the perfect size for most Bluegreen Vacations owner families.