Where are Indiana melons grown?

Where are Indiana melons grown?

Grown primarily in Daviess, Gibson, Jackson, Knox, Posey, and Sullivan counties. Indiana’s summertime super sweet cantaloupe are available from early July to Mid September.

Where are the best cantaloupes grown?

In the U.S., California is the largest producer of cantaloupes producing almost three times as much as Arizona, the second largest producing state. Other states with significant amounts of production include Georgia, southern Indiana, and eastern Colorado (Fig 1).

What is a Decker melon?

The moniker refers to the town (population 249) – and its environs in southern Knox County, Indiana – where these highly reputed cantaloupes (technically, muskmelons) and watermelons are grown. It’s a Decker art and tradition that spans more than 100 years.

Do watermelons grow in Indiana?

Farm Facts: Watermelon Each harvesting season, more than 7,500 acres of watermelons are grown in Indiana and Illinois. It takes a watermelon 80 to 95 days to become full-grown, and it is ready to harvest when the part of the rind touching the ground changes from white to pale yellow.

Where is Sandtown Indiana?

Sandytown is an unincorporated community in Clinton Township, Vermillion County, in the U.S. state of Indiana.

How long do cantaloupes take to grow?

around 80 days
Growing cantaloupe plants occupy a fair bit of space, so be sure to leave enough room for the vines to spread out. Cantaloupe plants take around 80 days to mature on average and is the most hardy when grown in zones 4-10 as a summer annual.

Are cantaloupes good for you?

The fiber, potassium, and vitamin C present in cantaloupe are vital nutrients for your heart health. Potassium can help to lower high blood pressure, which is a risk factor for heart disease. Fiber helps to decrease levels of “bad cholesterol” in your body. It can also keep your blood pressure in check.

Are watermelons ripe in Indiana?

Sweet corn usually can be harvested by mid-June, cantaloupes are usually ready by late-June and watermelons mid-July, said Purdue Extension produce specialist Dan Egel.

Do cantaloupes need full sun?

Plant cantaloupes in full sun in well-drained soil. Cantaloupe plants need about 85 days to mature, but don’t rush planting. Sow seeds only when temperatures reliably stay above 50 to 60 degrees F.

Does cantaloupe burn belly fat?

Cantaloupe doesn’t burn fat, but it can help you get leaner by reducing your energy intake. For example, you can use it as a substitute for bagels, chips, cookies and other snacks to cut back on carbs and stay full longer.