Where can I check my ite email?

Where can I check my ite email?

  1. Log in to your ITE myPortal using your userid (NRIC No.)
  2. On the screen, select “myEmail”.
  3. Once you have your Office365 credentials (email and password), you can go to the portal.microsoftonline.com and follow the download instructions HERE.

How do I change my ite password?

To reset your password, click Student on the myPortal login page as shown in the picture below and follow the instructions on Student SSO Password Reset Portal to reset your password. Please refer to the user guide on Student SSO Password Reset Portal for more information.

How do I log into ITE WIFI?

Students may access the Wi-Fi service in ITE Colleges. To login to the Wi-Fi service, simply go to your ITE Student Portal account at https://myportal.ite.edu.sg and click on “myEmail” to obtain your login ID and password.

How do I contact ite?

Please use our e-services, contact us online, or call Tel: 1800 2222 111.

How do I withdraw from ITE?

If you wish to withdraw from a module class, you should submit your application for withdrawal over the counter at any ITE Customer & Vistor Centre during office hours. After office hours, please submit your application to the College CET Supervisor.

How many ITE are there in Singapore?

Colleges. To refine technical education in Singapore, the “One ITE System, Three Colleges” Model of Education and Governance was introduced in 2005 to merge the 10 ITE’s into 3 regional colleges.

How do I check my ITE results?

When your module results are released, you can view your results by logging in to the ITE myPortal site:

  1. Full-time: myPortal → myExam.
  2. Part-time: myPortal → iStudent → Exam.
  3. Traineeship: myPortal → iStudent → myExam.

Can ITE students dye hair?

All Traineeship, Work-Study Diploma students, and CET students attending day classes at ITE must respect the decorum of ITE, and be properly and decently attired. Students should not sport hair in outrageous colours (for example blue, green, purple, red, ash etc.). Students should not display any tattoos outwardly.

Can you drop out of polytechnic?

Over the last 5 years, an average of 5% of each polytechnic cohort have withdrawn from their course. For students who wish to pursue another course of study, they may do so via the Polytechnics’ Direct Admissions Exercise.

How do I write a letter to withdraw from a class?

  1. 1 Open Your Letter. When it’s time to compose your withdrawal letter, research who it should be addressed to.
  2. 2 State Your Reason. In your letter, clearly explain the reason behind your withdrawal request.
  3. 3 Provide Documentation.
  4. 4 Exaplain Your Plan.

Does ITE have CCA?

Join exciting CCAs at ITE College Central! Choose from over 90 CCAs from 7 development tracks – Arts, Community Service, Environment, Global Citizenship, Innovation & Enterprise, Leadership, Personal Development and Sports.

Does ITE have HBL?

With ITE rolling out Home-Based Learning (HBL) given elevated Covid-19 social-distancing measures, lessons have been adapted accordingly for students.