Where can I find The Tale of Despereaux movie?

Where can I find The Tale of Despereaux movie?

The Tale of Despereaux, an animated movie starring Matthew Broderick, Dustin Hoffman, and Emma Watson is available to stream now. Watch it on Peacock TV, Prime Video, Vudu Movie & TV Store, Redbox., Apple TV or VUDU on your Roku device.

Is The Tale of Despereaux a Disney movie?

The Tale of Despereaux is a 2008 computer-animated adventure fantasy film directed by Sam Fell and Rob Stevenhagen (in his feature directorial debut). It is loosely based on the 2003 novel of the same name by Kate DiCamillo….The Tale of Despereaux (film)

The Tale of Despereaux
Budget $60 million
Box office $86.9 million

What app is The Tale of Despereaux?

Download the Peacock app and start streaming The Tale of Despereaux.

Is The Tale of Despereaux scary?

Despereaux was rated 1.3. 1, giving it a score of three out of 10 for violence/goreโ€”the same or a lower score as movies my kids have watched serenely, like Babe, Curious George, The King and I, and Muppet Treasure Island.

Who is Miggery sow in The Tale of Despereaux?

Miggery Sow, a poor little girl, named after her father’s favorite pig, lost her mother at the age of 6 and was then sold into service by her father. Her sorrowful life is dominated by a good clout to the ear by a man she has to call โ€œuncleโ€.

Who comes with Despereaux to save Princess Pea?

In the end, Despereaux holds off Roscuro with his knight’s lanceโ€”oops, make that a sewing needle. With Mig’s help, he saves the princess and they all return to the castle. Instead of punishing Roscuro, Princess Pea takes pity on him and gives him free run of the castle.

Is Tale of Despereaux sad?

The first book of four tells Despereaux’s sad story, where he falls deeply in love with Princess Pea and meets his cruel fate.


THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX is one of a kind, because it’s a beautifully animated (there’s even animation-within-the-animation) epic that will delight children, tweens, parents, and jaded childless adults alike.

What does Gregory dream of?

He dreams of the castle’s knights in shining armor, darkness, and light. However, when the knight removes the helmet, the shining armor is empty.

Why does the cook give Despereaux a bowl of soup?

Chapter 45. Cook gives Despereaux a saucer filled with soup. Despereaux drinks the soup and assures Cook it is perfect. Despereaux then tells Cook he is going to save the princess and she wishes him luck despite the oddness of his assertions.

What is despereaux mean in French?

Welcome to the story of Despereaux Tilling, a mouse who is in love with music, stories, and a princess named Pea. It’s the made-up last name of a storybook mouse. Ed. G.

What is the main problem in the tale of Despereaux?

Phonetic spelling of giotto di bondone. gee-ott-oh.

  • Meanings for giotto di bondone. Florentine painter who gave up the stiff Byzantine style and developed a more naturalistic style; considered the greatest Italian painter prior to the Renaissance (1267-1337)
  • Synonyms for giotto di bondone. old master.
  • What is the falling action in the tale of Despereaux?

    The Tale of Despereaux

  • Conflict
  • The Rising Action. The rising action of the story is when Roscuro goes out of the dungeon to see the light and then he falls from the chandalier into the
  • Climax.
  • Falling Action.
  • Resolution.
  • My Review.
  • Despereaux.
  • What is the internal conflict of the tale of Despereaux?

    There are many conflicts in The Tale of Despereaux, including Despereaux’s conflict with the other mice, Roscuro’s conflict with the other rats, and Roscuro’s internal conflict between darkness and light. Hover for more information. Who are the experts?

    What time does the tale of Despereaux take place?

    The Tale of Despereaux: Directed by Sam Fell, Robert Stevenhagen. With Matthew Broderick, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Watson, Tracey Ullman. An unusually brave mouse helps to restore happiness to a forlorn kingdom after making friends with a gentleman rat.