Where can I watch Desmond?

Where can I watch Desmond?

Currently you are able to watch “Desmond’s” streaming on Netflix, All 4, BritBox Amazon Channel, BritBox, Virgin TV Go or buy it as download on Apple iTunes, Amazon Video.

How many seasons does Desmond have?

The show is set in Peckham, London, and features a predominantly black British Guyanese cast. With 71 episodes, Desmond’s became Channel 4’s longest running sitcom in terms of episodes….

Original language English
No. of series 6
No. of episodes 71 (list of episodes)

What program was pork pie?

Porkpie is a British television sitcom that aired on Channel 4 from 13 November 1995 to 26 September 1996, starring Ram John Holder as Augustus “Porkpie” Grant. It was a spin-off from Desmond’s….Porkpie (TV series)

Genre Sitcom
Created by Trix Worrell
Starring Ram John Holder
Country of origin United Kingdom

What is the last episode of Desmonds?

A Sign of the TimesDesmond’s / Latest episode

Why did Desmond’s End Channel 4?

Desmond’s ran for 71 episodes, ending in 1994 due to Beaton’s health. Danny Boyle featured a clip in the best-of-British-TV segment of his 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, and the series is now available to watch on All 4.

What’s the meaning of Desmond?

The name Desmond is primarily a male name of Irish origin that means From South Munster. From an Irish surname derived from the place name, Deasmhumhnach, meaning “South Munster.” The name was used for people who came from the South Munster region in Ireland. A common nickname is Des/Dez.

How old is Kim Walker from Desmond’s?

New York City, U.S. Los Angeles, California, U.S. Kimberly Anne Walker (June 19, 1968 – March 6, 2001) was an American film and television actress. One of her best known roles was that of Heather Chandler in the 1989 comedy Heathers….Filmography.

Year 1987
Title Student Exchange
Role Kit
Notes Television movie

Who was the white girl in Desmond’s?

Carmen Munroe – Shirley Ambrose Shortly after starring in Desmond’s, she went on to appear in the TV movie The Final Passage in 1996.

Where is Gloria from Desmond’s now?

Kim Walker – Gloria Ambrose Actress Kim Walker went on to appear in a single episode of spin-off Porkpie, but her last TV appearance was on Celebrity Squares in 1996. She attended the 30th anniversary Desmond’s reunion in 2019 and got involved in an audience Q&A.

Is Porkpie from Desmond’s death?

In Porkpie, the Desmond’s spin-off, it was revealed that his character had died around 11 months before the first episode aired.

Is Desmond in the Bible?

Desmond is a christian boy name and it is an English originated name with multiple meanings. Desmond name meaning is man from south Munster and the associated lucky number is 11….Desmond Name Meaning in English.

Name Desmond
Meaning man from south Munster
Origin English
Short Name NO
Name Length 7 Letters and 1 Word