Where do I find my motorcycle paint code?

Where do I find my motorcycle paint code?

To get the paint code you need to know the correct name of the paint given by the manufacturer. Then using that name you can search for the paint code by using online VIN decoders, contacting your local automotive paint supply store, searching online forums, and as a last resort you can try to contact the manufacturer.

Where is the paint code on a Honda motorcycle?

Honda Color Codes You will find your color code affixed on a sticker, usually placed on the rear half of your motorcycle, or under the seat.

How much is a 1990 Goldwing trike worth?


Excellent $7,475
Very Good $4,670
Good $2,140
Fair $945
Poor N/A

What is new on the 2022 Honda Gold Wing?

New colorways aside, the Honda Gold Wing will retain all of its touring-focused amenities moving into the 2022 model-year. It sports the same Euro 5-compliant 1,833cc, flat-six, liquid-cooled engine. These include Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), Hill Star Assist, and of course, ABS.

How do I find my color code?

For most cases, your paint code can be found inside the driver’s door jam. Two types of paint codes are listed — one is for the exterior paint, the other is for the cabin or interior color.

How do I find my Honda paint code?

How to find the right paint color for your Honda

  1. Look in the driver’s side door jamb.
  2. Check inside the engine bay near the firewall.
  3. Check on the firewall inside the engine bay.
  4. It may be located on the passenger’s side, in the middle, or on the driver’s side of the engine bay.

How much does a 1990 Honda Goldwing weigh?

Water cooled, 1520cc, Boxer-6, SOHC

Power: 92.32 HP (67.9 kW) @ 5000 rpm
Torque: 150 Nm (110.63 lb-ft) @ 4000 rpm
Final drive: Shaft
Top speed: 111.85 mph
Curb weight: 886.3 lbs

How much is a 1999 Honda Goldwing trike worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $15,299 $3,225
Options (Change)
Total Price $15,299 $3,225
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Are Goldwings hard to ride?

They’re big, heavy and powerful. Not a good combination for someone without experience. We recommend beginning with a smaller, more manageable bike. Become familiar with the experience, log some miles under your belt before moving on to a touring motorcycle.

How much is a 2022 Honda Goldwing?

From $25,3002022 Honda Gold Wing / MSRP