Where do I get my drivers license in Fort Smith Arkansas?

Where do I get my drivers license in Fort Smith Arkansas?

fort smith driver control office Details

  • Title: Fort Smith Driver Control Office.
  • Office: Driver Services.
  • Address: 616 Garrison, #104.
  • City: Fort Smith.
  • State: AR.
  • Zip: 72901.
  • Phone: 479-783-2422.
  • Fax: 479-782-0823.

Can you renew your Arkansas ID online?

Unfortunately, Arkansas does not offer any online services in regards to Arkansas license renewal. You may find a third-party online that offers license renewal applications for a fee, but you will still end up going to the office and paying the regular state fee to obtain your license.

What do I need to renew my ID in Arkansas?

What You’ll Need to Renew your Arkansas Driver License

  1. Your soon-to-be expired driver’s license.
  2. Payment for the $40 renewal fee, using cash or a check/money order made payable to the AR DFA.
  3. Corrective lenses or contacts for the vision test, if necessary.
  4. Proof of Identity.
  5. Proof of Legal Presence.
  6. Social Security Number.

Can I get an Arkansas ID online?

Get a Duplicate DL or ID Relax. Request a duplicate online and get it in the mail in 3 days or less.

Can you take the Arkansas drivers test online?

An online scheduling is now available to anyone preparing to be tested for the written portion of the Arkansas driver’s license exam, according to a statement from Arkansas State Police (ASP). A scheduler has been available for the skills test for more than a year.

What is needed to get a driver’s license in Arkansas?

To get one, Arkansas requires residents provide documentary proof of legal presence and identities (via one primary document — passport or birth certificate); proof of residency (via one secondary document, such as an out-of-state driver’s license or a photo work ID, utility bill or phone bill); and proof of Social …

What documents do I need to get ID in Arkansas?

In order to get a REAL ID, Arkansans must provide a passport or birth certificate, two proof of address documents like bank statements or utility bills, social security card, name change linking documents such as marriage certificates or divorce decrees. Arkansas began issuing the REAL ID in October of 2016.

Where can I get an Arkansas state ID?

You must apply for a state ID or a REAL ID, and a REAL Arkansas driver’s license replacement at an Arkansas state revenue office. These offices are located throughout the state. You can find a directory of Arkansas state revenue offices on the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration website.