Where do most 35n get stationed?

Where do most 35n get stationed?

Duty Stations

  • Ft. Belvoir, VA.
  • Ft. Benning, GA.
  • Ft. Bliss, TX.
  • Ft. Bragg, NC.
  • Ft. Buckley, VA.
  • Ft. Campbell, KY.
  • Ft. Carson, CO.
  • Ft. Drum, NY.

Does 35n require security clearance?

Since their job will involve dealing with highly sensitive information, recruits for this job will need to be able to qualify for top-secret security clearance. This involves a lengthy background check that will look for past criminal activity or any financial irregularities.

How much does an intelligence analyst make in the Army?

US Army Salary FAQs The average salary for an Intelligence Analyst is $64,563 per year in United States, which is 32% higher than the average US Army salary of $48,816 per year for this job.

How hard is 35n AIT?

It is probably one of the least physically demanding courses that the Army offers, it is completely schoolhouse based. 6 months long, you can be assigned day OR night classes. Very small base, even smaller amount of things to do for fun, which you won’t really have to be worried about with the new TRADOC policies.

Where do military intelligence officers get stationed?

Major military intelligence units

Supports Garrison
United States Army South Fort Sam Houston
United States Army Pacific Schofield Barracks
Eighth United States Army Camp Humphreys, (South Korea)
III Corps Fort Hood

Where do most intelligence analysts get stationed?

Typically an MI Brigade and that could be just about anywhere. So anywhere there is a Military Intelligence Brigade that needs an E4 or below is where a newly qualified Intelligence Analyst could go.

How long is Army linguist school?

Training for an Army cryptologic analyst job takes place at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC), Presidio of Monterey in Monterey, California, and lasts between six and 18 months.

How long is AIT at Goodfellow?

“To get out in the field where they will contribute to combat success, linguistic intelligence analysts go through a lot of training, about one to two years, depending upon their specialty,” said Air Force Col.

What Army AIT is at Goodfellow AFB?

344th Military Intelligence Battalion
344th Military Intelligence Battalion Advanced Individual Training Soldiers participate in a grenade assault course as part of a tactical signals intelligence exercise at Camp Sentinel, Goodfellow Air Force Base, TX.

What is a 35N in the Army?

Signals Intelligence Analysts (MOS 35N) are the “ears” of the U.S. Army. Their findings can lead to major breakthroughs for the Army.

Where is MOS 35m based in the Army?

Those serving in the Army as an MOS 35M can expect to be potentially based at one of the following duty stations: Pentagon, Washington D.C. What does an Army Signals Intelligence Analyst Do? Signals Intelligence Analysts (MOS 35N) are the “ears” of the U.S. Army.

What is a 35N Signals intelligence analyst?

Signals Intelligence Analysts (MOS 35N) are the “ears” of the U.S. Army. Their findings can lead to major breakthroughs for the Army. Image: Army.com

What does a 35n1o do?

Produces combat, strategic, and tactical intelligence reports. MOSC 35N1O. Gathers, sorts, and scans intercepted messages to isolate valid intelligence.