Where do you cast on a river for barbel?

Where do you cast on a river for barbel?

In terms of swim choice on smaller rivers in low / normal water conditions, you will find barbel almost anywhere, from slow deep pools to fast shallow glides and everywhere in-between. I do however find that barbel love to be close by to some form of cover, be that weed, rafts, submerged snags or overhanging trees.

Is the River Severn good for fishing?

The Severn catchment is perhaps best known for its coarse fishing though (particularly for barbel and chub in the middle reaches) but like the Wye, its salmon are of a good average size. The main stem provides some good salmon fishing opportunities but below Shrewsbury is mainly concentrated around the weirs.

What is the River Severn barbel record?

16 lb 11 oz
The River Severn barbel record is a debate topic. Mark Doherty reported a 17 lb 9 oz giant in 2015. But officially, in records kept by the Barbel Society, the river best stands at 16 lb 11 oz by Kevin Gittins in 2014. Most famously, in 1997, a River Severn barbel briefly beat and held the British record.

Where is the best place to catch barbel?

Fish to cover During the hours of daylight on smaller rivers, you can almost guarantee that barbel will be tucked away under areas of cover such as overhanging trees and large rafts of debris.

How do you catch the big barbel in South Africa?

Many big Barbel have been lost and landed on full fish. Common Carp will be the best fish to use, try stay away from using indigenous fish such as Mudfish and especially Yellowfish. You will need to catch a carp between 20 and 30 centimeters in length as this is the perfect size bait for a large Barbel to pick up.

Is a rising river good for barbel?

A river rising due to warm rain after a cold dry spell is optimum coditions for barbel to feed; if you wait for it to peak they may well have eaten their fill and it becomes a bit pot luck.

Where can I fish on the River Severn?


  • Aberbechan and Penarth. Over a mile of left bank fishing with shallow runs, deep glides and weir pool.
  • Abermule. Approx.
  • Forden. Close to three miles of right bank fishing above and below Cilcewydd Bridge.
  • Buttington Bridge.
  • Pool Quay, Maesydd & Rhyddesgyn.
  • Underdale.
  • Apley Estate.
  • Knowle Sands.

Can you catch barbel at night?

Rhys Perry said: I’ve caught steadily all through the night on a few occasions, but generally it goes quiet around midnight I find. Really depends where you’re fishing and if there’s a good head of fish in the section. More barbel there are the more competition there is for food.

How do you catch barbel in the day?

Small baits for daytime barbel

  1. I prefer a fishmeal based boilie and pellet attack for my barbel fishing.
  2. 3mm and 4mm Marine Halibut Pellets alongside 4mm and 6mm Source pellets keep the fish rooting around during daylight hours..

Can you night fish on the River Severn?

I’m in a syndicated stretch on the Lower Severn…. night fishing is allowed, and the bulk of the fish come well into darkness, there is very little litter left.

Can you still catch a barbel in the River Severn?

Since the heydays, River Severn barbel stocks have since declined massively for a variety of reasons. But multiple catches can still be made, and occasional double-figure fish feature, too. The River Severn barbel record is a debate topic. Mark Doherty reported a 17 lb 9 oz giant in 2015.

Where can I find barbel in Wales?

There’s the Welsh Dee which holds barbel in its lower reaches from Bangor on Dee, plus the Severn, a famous barbel river and the Vrynwy.

What is the best temperature for Barbel fishing in winter?

The temperature of the water being key to winter barbel fishing – any serious winter barbel angler will carry a thermometer, and it’s as good as a rule that the water temp must be the magic figure of 42F and rising, this is when barbel can quickly go on the feed.

When were barbel introduced to the River Wye?

In 1956 the Angling Times introduced 509 barbel to the River Severn, and at the same time a few barbel were also introduced to the River Wye, as well as numerous other rivers in the UK – they have thrived in all. It wasn’t until the mid 90’s though that they became a realistic target on the Wye.