Where is Baringo?

Where is Baringo?

Lake Baringo, lake in west-central Kenya. It is situated 3,200 feet (975 m) above sea level in the Great Rift Valley, east of the Kamasia (Ilkamasya) Hills.

Which county is Baringo?

Source: KNBS, Baringo 2013. The County occupies an area of 11,015 square kilometers and had a population of 555,561 people in 2009 and projected to be 723,411, 853, 515 in 2017 and 2022 respectively….COUNTY OVERVIEW.

Sub-County Total
Area KM sq 11,015
Electoral Wards 30
Locations 116

What is Baringo known for?

Baringo is a scenic region, home to a wide range of wildlife and is a major tourism attraction. The main reserves and sanctuaries are Lakes Bogoria, Baringo and Kapnarok, Ruko conservancy.

How many islands does Lake Baringo have?

Ol Kokwe Island
OlkokwaLokoros IslandRongena Island
Lake Baringo/Islands

How big is Baringo?

4,276 mi²Baringo County / Area

Where is Tiaty in Kenya?

Lake Baringo basin
The area is located in the Lake Baringo basin and the adjacent eastern highlands near the Laikipia plateau in Kenya’s Central Rift Valley ( Fig. 1). Tiaty East comprises about 2163 km 2 and has a population of more than 73,400, according to recent census data (KNBS 2010).

Where is Lake Bogoria located in Kenya?

Lake Bogoria (formerly Lake Hannington) is a saline, alkaline lake that lies in a volcanic region in a half-graben basin south of Lake Baringo, Kenya, a little north of the equator.

What is found in Lake Baringo?

The lake is an invaluable habitat for seven freshwater fish species, of which one (the tilapia Oreochromis niloticus baringoensis) is endemic to the lake. Local fisheries are particularly important for sustainable development of the local communities, for both economic and sport fishing.

Can you swim in Lake Baringo?

Locals actively encourage swimming and watersports in the lake, although the lodges will certainly have you sign an indemnity form before letting you dive in.

Which community lives in the island of Lake Baringo?

The main town near the lake is Marigat, while smaller settlements include Kampi ya Samaki and Loruk. The area is increasingly visited by tourists and is situated at the southern end of a region of Kenya inhabited largely by pastoralist ethnic groups including Il Chamus, Rendille, Turkana and Kalenjin.

How many primary schools are there in Baringo County?

349 Primary Schools
Baringo County has 349 Primary Schools, 34 Secondary Schools and 6 Tertiary training institutions (colleges, Polytechnics etc).

How many voters are in Baringo County?


Ward Registered Voters Local authority
Talai/Ewalel 3,668 Baringo County council
Tenges 2,746 Baringo County council
Total 50,639
*September 2005,