Where is Bergkamp now?

Where is Bergkamp now?

He retired from professional football in 2010. After retirement, he worked as the Director of Football (DOF) at Corinthians. He was also a part of Carlos Queiroz’s coaching staff of the Iran national team at the 2014 World Cup. Since 2019, he is working as the technical director of the Arsenal senior team.

Is Dennis Bergkamp an Arsenal legend?

Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp has been inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame, becoming the fifth player to be awarded a place after Thierry Henry, Alan Shearer, Eric Cantona, Roy Keane and Frank Lampard.

How much did Arsenal buy Dennis Bergkamp for?

Arsenal fans, however, will be glad that their club did not waver in their interest when it came to acquiring Bergkamp. To pay £7.5million for the Dutch forward, a record amount for the north London club at the time, was a big risk.

How tall is Bergkamp?

6′ 0″Dennis Bergkamp / Height

How old is Henry Thierry?

44 years (August 17, 1977)Thierry Henry / Age

Is Dennis Bergkamp a Tottenham fan?

He stood out because of his technique: two feet, a soft touch, very precise,” Bergkamp told Four Four Two in 2011. “I wasn’t a Tottenham fan; I was a Hoddle fan.”

When did Dennis Bergkamp leave Arsenal?

Dennis Bergkamp

Personal information
1986–1993 Ajax (103)
1993–1995 Inter Milan (11)
1995–2006 Arsenal (87)
Total (201)

How much did Barcelona pay for Henry?

5 million USD (2012)Thierry Henry / Salary

Where did Arsenal buy Dennis Bergkamp from?

On this day 20 years ago, Arsenal signed Dennis Bergkamp from Ajax for a club-record fee of £7.5m.

What happened to Dennis Bergkamp at Arsenal?

Bergkamp repaid the faith shown in him with a typically classy season. The ‘Invincibles’, especially Messrs Henry, Ljungberg, Pires and Reyes, had a lot to be thankful for. But time eventually caught up with Dennis and he decided, as Arsenal left Highbury, that his playing time was up.

Who is Dennis Bergkamp?

The son of an electrician, Bergkamp was born in Amsterdam and played as an amateur in the lower leagues. He was spotted by Ajax at age 11 and made his professional debut in 1986. Prolific form led to an international call-up with the Netherlands a year later, attracting the attention of several European clubs.

Why is Bergkamp in the Football Hall of Fame?

And the honours kept coming. In September 2007, Bergkamp was inducted in to the National Football Museum Hall of Fame, the first Dutchman to achieve such acclaim.

Why was Bergkamp called a dirty player?

Throughout his playing career, Bergkamp was accused of diving, and was referred to as a “cheat” and “dirty player” for retaliating against players who had previously challenged him, something his former manager Wenger denied.