Where is child labour in the chocolate industry?

Where is child labour in the chocolate industry?

“Child labour remains a persistent challenge in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana, despite major efforts by the governments, cocoa and chocolate companies, cocoa-growing communities, and development partners.”

Are there slaves in the chocolate industry?

Over 60% of the world’s cocoa comes from two countries in West Africa – Ghana and the Ivory Coast. According the Global Slavery Index 2018 thousands of children today are trafficked and forced to work on the cocoa farms.

Is chocolate made by child labor?

Child labor has been found on cocoa farms in Cameroon, Guinea, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone, although since most of Western Africa’s cocoa is grown in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, the majority of child labor cases have been documented in those two countries.

How many slaves are in the chocolate industry?

According to the 2018 Cocoa Barometer, there are as many as 2 million child laborers in West Africa alone, many of whom were kidnapped and forced into the servitude of the chocolate industry. Smugglers are paid to traffic children from countries like Mali and Guinea into the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Algeria.

Does Lindt use child labor?

It strictly prohibits corruption and bribery, discrimination and child labour. Lindt sources approximately 25% of their cocoa from Source Trust cocoa suppliers.

Does Hershey still use child labor?

Child Labor Monitoring and Remediation System Hershey does not tolerate child labor within our supply chain, and we are working to eliminate it within cocoa communities.

Why is child labour used in the chocolate industry?

As the chocolate industry has grown over the years, so has the demand for cheap cocoa. On average, cocoa farmers earn less than $2 per day, an income below the poverty line. As a result, they often resort to the use of child labor to keep their prices competitive.

Which chocolate brands do not use child labor?

5 Ethical Cocoa Brands That Don’t Rely on Child Labor

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  • Theo.
  • Madécasse.
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What is Nestle doing to stop child labour?

We are committed to working with our suppliers and local communities to prevent and address child labor risks in our supply chain. We’ve worked to build and refurbish 50 schools in the Ivory Coast and enhanced access to education, ultimately protecting more than 145 000 children against the risk of child labor.

What chocolate companies do not use child labor?

What chocolate does not use slavery?

Dutch chocolate brand Tony’s Chocolonely claims to be made without slave labor. Chocolate is a huge global industry, but cocoa beans, which are used to make chocolate, are grown by some of the poorest people on the planet, in plantations that can hide the worst forms of child labor.

Is Lindt chocolate ethically sourced 2021?

Lindt & Sprüngli hits 100% traceable and verified cocoa beans target. 19 May 2021 — Lindt & Sprüngli has reached a significant milestone with its Farming Program for a transparent and sustainable cocoa bean supply chain: 100 percent of cocoa beans are traceable back to the farmers and externally verified.