Where is Ganga Jamuna red light area located?

Where is Ganga Jamuna red light area located?

Game behind the name: This area, located near Itwari, is infamous for being the city’s red-light area. It gets its name from two dancers, Ganga and Jamuna, who were brought here, possibly from Pune. Historically Speaking: Nagpur is just over 300 years old and Ganga Jamuna may be just as old.

Why is Ganga Jamuna closed?

Minor girls and even adults women were being forced into prostitution and illegal activities like brothel houses had started. Even people residing in the area had lodged several complaints regarding illegal practices because of which we had to take a tough decision to shut down the place,” said Kumar.

Where is red-light area Nagpur?

Ganga Jamuna
Nagpur cops sealed roads, banned prostitution in ‘Ganga Jamuna’ – the city’s 200-year-old Red Light area. On 15 August, Nagpur Police sealed the roads leading to ‘Ganga Jamuna’ — the city’s 200-year-old Red Light area.

Is there any red-light area in Nagpur?

Nagpur: Sex workers at the city’s red-light area, Ganga Jamuna, pushed to the corner for their livelihood due to the ban on their trade by the city police, have started soliciting clients on mobile phones. Meanwhile, cops are planning to install CCTV cameras for surveillance to stop the illegal trade.

Is there any red light area in Nagpur?

Where is red light area in India?

Coordinates: 22°35′15″N 88°21′35″ECoordinates: 22°35′15″N 88°21′35″E
Country India
State West Bengal
City Kolkata

Is red light area legal in Nagpur?

Nagpur: Section 144 Lifted at Red Light Area, Police to Push Ahead With Brothel Closure. Nagpur police commissioner Amitesh Kumar said people visiting brothels in the area will now be booked under the Immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Act.

How many red light areas are there in Nagpur?

188 brothels
Nagpur’s Ganga Jamuna red light district, which is at present in the spotlight, has 188 brothels. Roughly speaking, it is believed that this red light area has a an annual turnover of around Rs 680 million.

Which is the best red light area?

These photos from some of the world’s most notorious red light areas show them in all their ruby ‘glory’.

  1. Sonagachi, Kolkata, India.
  2. Patpong Market, Bangkok, Thailand.
  3. De Wallen, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  4. Kamathipura, Mumbai, India.
  5. Pigalle, Paris, France.
  6. Geylang and Orchard Towers, Singapore.
  7. Kabukicho, Tokyo, Japan.

Are red light area safe?

Yes, the area is safe both day and night time. The only real threat in the area is pickpocketing. Due to the area being crowded with tourists and a lot of distraction, the area is very popular among pickpockets. What are the rules of the Red Light District?

Is Ganga Jamuna Nagpur legal?

Police have prohibited prostitution permanently in Ganga Jamuna area in Nagpur in Maharashtra following complaints of open solicitation by commercial sex workers in the prominent red-light area, officials said on Tuesday.

Which city in India has most prostitutes?

1. Sonagachi, Kolkata. With the regrettable title of Asia’s largest red light area, Sonagachi is a world in itself. It’s inhabited by more than 11,000 sex workers.

What happens if Ganga Jamuna is shut down?

If Ganga Jamuna is shut down, then sex workers will disperse across the city. This might aggravate the problem. Q. Police are also acting as facilitator and trying to help rehabilitate the sex workers.

Is Ganga Jamuna first or surrounding localities first?

The politicians, activists and local residents must know and understand that it was Ganga Jamuna which came first and then the surrounding localities were set up later. Politicians who had no qualms in approaching these sex workers for vote are now opposing them.

Will Jwala Dhote champion the cause of Ganga Jamuna sex workers?

Nationalist Congress Party ( NCP) city urban cell president Jwala Dhote, daughter of former Member of Parliament late Jambuwantrao Dhote, has come forward to champion the cause of female sex workers residing in the three-century old red-light area of Ganga Jamuna.