Where is Jon Courson now?

Where is Jon Courson now?

Jon Courson, the evangelical pastor who built the Applegate Christian Fellowship into the biggest church in Southern Oregon, will leave his post to become a pastor with the 25,000-member Calvary Church in Costa Mesa, Calif.

When was Pastor Jon Courson born?

Jon Courson, born Circa 1956.

Who is Ben Courson married to now?

Necia CoursonBen Courson / Spouse (m. 2008)

Where is Hope Generation Church located?

Ben Courson + Hope Generation is in Orange County, California.

Does Jon Courson still preach at Applegate?

Is Ben Courson of Hope Generation married?

BEN COURSON BIOGRAPHY In 2008, Ben married his best friend and hero, Necia, and they have been writing together for a number of years. They live in beautiful Southern Oregon.

Is Jon Courson in the Calvary Chapel?

Did Calvary Chapel do whatever Jon Courson wanted?

They say the church regularly did whatever Jon Courson wanted, even if it meant violating the law or overworking staff to the point of illness. Courson, who was mentored by Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith, founded Applegate Christian Fellowship in the late 1970s.

What happened to Pastor Jon Courson?

In March of 2006 Jon left Carmen Serdan to move back to southern Oregon to join his son Peter-John Courson pastoring at Applegate Christian Fellowship. He also continues to teach the pastor training school which was relocated to the Mountaintop Retreat Center, which is a part of the ministry of Applegate Christian Fellowship.

How many members did Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa have under Courson?

The congregation grew to over 8,000 under Courson’s leadership. In 2002, Courson accepted a request to join his longtime mentor and friend Chuck Smith at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in California.

Who is Jon Courson of Applegate Christian Fellowship?

Jon Courson is the founder and a professional clergyman of Applegate Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Oregon. He is listed among the teachers along with his sons, Peter-John and Ben. Jon Courson has been appreciated over the years by many people who are my friends and whom I respect.