Where is Mountain Tactical located?

Where is Mountain Tactical located?

Our facility in Jackson is primarily a laboratory where we develop and test new strength and conditioning programming for the mountain and tactical athletes we work with around the world.

How do you become a mountain athlete?

Top 5 Exercises for Mountain Athletes

  1. 1) Loaded Step Ups. Loaded step ups are a functional, transferable, and no-excuse way to directly train hiking uphill under load – a foundational fitness demand for all mountain sports.
  2. 2) Sandbag Getups.
  3. 3) Bouldering V-Sum.
  4. 4) Scotty Bobs.
  5. 5) Leg Blasters.

How do you train like a tactical athlete?

We use the tactical strength test featuring the following events:

  1. 25-pound pull-up.
  2. Max 1-2 rep bench press.
  3. Deadlift (1.5-2 times body weight)
  4. Squat (1.5-2 times your body weight)
  5. Strongman pull-up hang (grip)
  6. 300-yard shuttle run (6 x 50 yard shuttle)
  7. 5-10-5 pro agility test.
  8. 50-pound ruck (rucking four miles)

What is chassis integrity?

“Chassis Integrity” is when the legs, core and upper body, work together as one, without weak linkage. Core circuits should include three movements – anti-rotation, rotation and extension. Core exercises should be done either standing, or kneeling.

Who is tactical barbell for?

Although this is aimed at military, law enforcement and other similar professionals, this will help recreational athletes who don’t expect to be world-class in any one discipline, but who would like to be fairly good in multiple dimensions of fitness.

How do you build uphill endurance?

Exercises That Are Great For Uphill Hiking

  1. Climbing Stairs.
  2. Inclined Treadmill Walking or Running.
  3. Lunges and Step-Ups.
  4. Run or Walk On Sand.

Are soldiers endurance athletes?

Soldiers are Warriors. A Soldier on the battlefield is akin to professional athletes at the top of their game. Success in both professions demands physical performance optimization. The Army’s current physical fitness program focuses primarily on muscular endurance and cardio respiratory fitness.

How do you do a ruck walk?

To get started rucking there are only 5 steps

  1. Get a good rucksack.
  2. Get a good rucking weight and cinch it tightly into the rucksack.
  3. Get a good pair of rucking shoes or boots to keep your feet dry, and adequately supported.
  4. Pack the water in a Nalgene or water bladder in your ruck.
  5. Start walking with good rucking technique.

How do you do 531?

The 5/3/1 method is a four-week cycle that requires four workouts per week. Each workout session centers on one core lift: the bench press, squat, deadlift, or shoulder press. The rep scheme is as follows: Week one: For each workout, perform three sets of five reps (three x five) of one lifting exercise.

Is it better to run hills or flat?

Including hills can have major strengthening benefits, she says. Running on an incline engages different parts of your muscle fibers, like your upper hamstrings, and targets your glutes more than a flat run. And since running uphill is more intense, your heart rate increases faster.

How do you train for trail running without trails?

How to Train For Trail Running When Trails Are Closed

  1. FIND ROUGHER TERRAIN. Just because trails around you are closed doesn’t mean you can’t run on dirt and rougher terrain.

How do our athletes get ready for the mountain?

Our athletes, through intense dryland training ahead of time, arrive at the mountain fit and ready to start their technical practice. Unfit athletes fall behind fast. We say “gym based training” but don’t think all you’ll be doing is lifting barbells and jumping rope.

Why do mountain athletes train in the gym?

Until we came along, mountain athletes traditionally “did their sport” to train, and that was sufficient to excel. Those days are changing. Media exposure is attracting more and more people to these sports, including higher level team sport athletes who bring both more natural athletic talent, and a history of training in the gym for their sport.

Is there a gym-based training plan for mountain sports?

Click the tabs below to see the individual training plans under each category. Gym-based training does not have a strong tradition for mountain sports. We’re changing that.

Why train at the ATC?

Progress tracking. Heart rate training. State‐of‐the‐art indoor cycle classes. All under one roof in a world class facility. Unparalleled results. “Since the early days in the Dungeon, they have had a unique willingness to learn and innovate. The ATC has a desire to be the best. That’s the culture. It’s a special place to train.”