Where is Redington Pass in Tucson?

Where is Redington Pass in Tucson?

Redington Pass (el. 1310 m./4300 ft.) is a high mountain pass between the Santa Catalina Mountains and the Rincons in northeast Pima County, Arizona. It is located just east of Tucson….

Redington Pass
Range Santa Catalina Mountains-N & NW Rincon Mountains-S
Coordinates 32.3075°N 110.6°W

Is Redington Pass Open 2020?

Area Status: Open The climb to the pass is punctuated with eye-catching views of Saguaro National Monument, Tanque Verde Canyon and Tucson sprawling to the west.

How long is Redington Pass?

26.1 miles
The pass is located just east of Tucson. It’s manageable in a passenger car. The road is 42km (26.1 miles) long running from Tanque Verde to Redington. The drive is pretty scenic with sweeping views of Tucson.

How long is Tanque Verde Falls hike?

1.90 mile
Explore this 1.90 mile, out and back trail near Tucson, Arizona. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 1 h 5 min to complete.

Does Redington Pass have water in it?

Water can be found seasonally at The Lake, West Spring Tank and some of the drainages the trail crosses. In wet seasons, water may be found in the creek in the Molino Basin Campground, but no water is available for campers or hikers.

Where can I shoot in Redington Pass?

Popular Areas for Recreational Target Shooting Include: Milepost 6.3 on Redington Rd: The legacy site at milepost 6.3 (on the north side of the road) is the first, and most accessible site. This site can accommodate four to five vehicles in up to three parties.

Can I go shooting in Redington Pass?

This is the first site along Redington Rd where shooting is legal, and it has an excellent backdrop. Ranges vary between 20 and 100 yards. Because of the ease of access, this site is easily over-used.

Can you swim in Tanque Verde Falls?

Description. This is a short hike up the Tanque Verde wash to an 80 foot waterfall. There are many smaller waterfalls and swimming holes along the way.

How long is Romero Pools hike?

From the Trailhead to Romero Pools is 2.8 miles with an elevation gain of 900 feet. Plan on two hours of walking one way from the Trailhead to the pools. To continue to Romero Pass, follow the trail to your right as it ascends out of the streambed.

Where can you ride dirt bikes in Tucson?

Located in Arizona, the dirt biking in Tucson is known for four scenic dirt bike trail rides. The best Tucson dirt biking based on popularity are considered to be Redington Pass Backcountry Touring Area, Pima Motorsports Park, Gardner Canyon ORV, and Hot Well Dunes Recreation Area.

Do you have to pay to hike Madera Canyon?

For hours, please visit the website. Park Entrance Fees: Day Pass: $5. Week Pass: $10.

Can you swim at Tanque Verde Falls?

How to get to Redington Pass from Tucson?

From Tucson, head east on Tanque Verde Road, which becomes Redington Pass Road after you leave the city. The road turns to dirt near mile marker 3. From that point, continue to just past mile marker 12 on Redington Pass Road. At the top of a small ridge the AZT crosses Redington Road.

Where does the AZT cross Redington Road?

At the top of a small ridge the AZT crosses Redington Road. There are AZT signs on both sides of the road. Follow Tanque Verde Road east from Tucson and turn left (north) on the Catalina Highway.

What is Redington Road?

Redington Road winds up and over a pass between the Santa Catalina and Rincon Mountains, an area of big cattle ranches and even bigger views. The route starts among the horse farms and suburban ranches of east Tucson and switchbacks through a desert landscape of saguaros and ocotillos to a broad plateau covered with high grasslands.