Where is Sziget?

Where is Sziget?

Óbuda IslandSziget Festival / Event locationHajógyári Island or Óbudai-sziget is the largest Danubian island in Budapest. Located in District III, it is a popular recreational area, year round. It is the home of the international Sziget Festival every August. Wikipedia

How long is Sziget Festival?

Seven days
It is held every August in northern Budapest, Hungary, on Óbudai-sziget (“Old Buda Island”), a leafy 108-hectare (266-acre) island on the Danube….

Sziget Festival
Dates Seven days, usually starting in the first week of August
Location(s) Budapest, Hungary
Years active 1993 – present

Can I sell my Sziget ticket?

Sell your ticket(s) 100% safe via our official partner Ticketswap. As our ticket vouchers are not personalized you can feel free to give the spare ticket to one of your friends or sell them.

Is Sziget safe?

Travel with Maximal Trips to Sziget: safe, affordable and fun. No big surprise, but we prefer travellling to Sziget by bus: safe, comfortable, fun and affordable! You will make new friends on the bus who you will definitely meet at the festival, there is no better way to start your festival!

Who owns Sziget?

Karoly Gerendai
“We will be able to make a giant leap forward and embark on the ambitious projects that have been in our pipeline for some time,” said Sziget founder and owner Karoly Gerendai, whose team will retain a 30 percent stake in the company.

How much does Sziget cost?

Costs of Sziget Festival One beer cost about 2 euros at the festival, it’s about the same for a cold coffee as well, It’s pretty decent for a festival. Many prefer going to the supermarket close-by called ‘Auchan’ to get a cheaper meal or to buy some water. You can bring it into the festival.

How much is a day ticket at Sziget?

May and on the spot at the entrance: 79 EUR. Camping and use of shower are not included. Daily ticket is valid from 06.00 on the given day till 08.00 the next day.