Where is the elite heavy shot plan in AC4?

Where is the elite heavy shot plan in AC4?

Misteriosa Island
The Heavy Shot upgrade itself is on the highest structure on Misteriosa Island. Climb to the top and look to the left of the water fountain.

How do you get elite heavy shot in black flag?

You will find elite heavy shot storage upgrade design plan in Petite Cavern at 901,263; in a buried treasure chest in the restricted section of Petite Cavern near the fire next to small rocks. You will find the treasure map for this buried treasure in Cayman Sound.

What is heavy shot in AC4?

The heavy shot is the most powerful weapon the Jackdaw has when it comes to dealing damage. It cannot be aimed like the regular Round-shot and cannot go very far due to its weight. It is also a limited resource and is stored on the ship unlike the chain-shot and round-shot, which are limitless.

How do you use heavy shot in black flag ps4?

Turns out, using heavy shot is almost too simple: You have to fire your cannons (right rigger) without aiming. So, you’ll need to pull right up alongside your target, line it up by sight, then unleash hell. Your swivel-gun targets will light up, and you can clean out a third of a powerful ship’s health right there.

How do you fully upgrade the Jackdaw?

Approach the captain’s quarters, located below the ship’s wheel, and press enter. Walk up to the Jackdaw model located on the desk and press outfit ship. Select either Jackdaw upgrades or Jackdaw appearance. Highlight the upgrade you want to buy and press select, then confirm.

Where is Ambergris key in ac4?

Ambergris Key, located on an island off the coast of Belize, was one of several smuggler dens in the West Indies.

How do you use Chase cannons?

You can fire your Chase Cannons by facing directly at a ship and hitting the AIM button, then hitting FIRE. Aim for masts to slow ships down and stun them, then maneuver behind the ship and stay behind it, firing your Round Shot, Heavy Shot and Swivel Guns.

Do not go gently Assassins Creed?

To achieve the optional objective, you’ll need to fire a Heavy Shot manually. Get near the Man O’ War and rotate the camera and then press the R1/RT button to fire the Heavy Shot (don’t use the aim button). Keep moving around the MOW and firing Heavy Shots and sink that sucker to satisfy the requirement.

Is sugar used to upgrade the Jackdaw?

Always look for the ship with the most metal and wood on board as you will need loads of each for upgrades, and you can always still earn money by selling the rum and sugar you pick up. Put all the rum, sugar, and cloth you earn towards storage space for more sugar, rum, and cloth.