Where is the replay button on the new Xfinity Remote?

Where is the replay button on the new Xfinity Remote?

On XR15, the Replay button between the Volume and Channel buttons has been removed. Use Page Down to jump backward instead. On XR15, the Record button is in the top center of the Voice Remote just above the Xfinity button.

Why can you not fast forward on demand?

The content is controlled by the stations. So part of the deal that allows the content to be On Demand is to allow commercials. Some channels allow you to FF, some don’t.

How do commercials work on TV?

TV commercials are purchased as spot packages. Ads normally run as 30 or 60 second spots. Your company presents its budget to the advertising sales rep, who then prepares a placement schedule proposal. Key factors in your schedule include the target audience, length of placements and preferred day parts.

Why do ads repeat?

Repetition is used in advertising as a way to keep a brand or product in the forefront of consumer’s minds. Repetition can build brand familiarity, but it can also lead to consumer fatigue, where consumers become so tired of an ad that they tune out or actively avoid the product.