Where is Wasps new training ground?

Where is Wasps new training ground?

Wasps Rugby have officially opened the doors of their new state-of-the-art Elite Performance and Innovation Centre – which gives the club one of the finest training complexes in English rugby. The multi-million-pound centre at Henley-in-Arden will be the new home of Wasps’ men’s first team and academy.

Where are Wasps rugby team based?

Coventry, United KingdomWasps RFC / Location

Do Wasps own the Ricoh Arena?

In May 2021, a 10-year deal between stadium owners the Wasps Group and Coventry Building Society was confirmed – and from today, it will be known as the Coventry Building Society Arena.

Why did Wasps move to Coventry?

The deal fell through, however, and Hayes sold his stake in the club to Derek Richardson. The new owner realised desperate measures were needed if the club was to survive, so he took the unusual decision to relocate from High Wycombe to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Fans were naturally bemused and disappointed.

Where do Wasps train in Coventry?

The Elite Performance and Innovation Centre will be Wasps first permanent training ground of its own since leaving Sudbury in 1999. It features a grass pitch which is identical in size to the pitch at the club’s home ground Coventry Building Society Arena.

Where is Saracens ground?

StoneX Stadium, SaracensSaracens / Arena/Stadium

What does Wasps rugby stand for?

In 1867, the men’s first team was derived from Wasps Football Club with playing grounds at Eton and Middlesex Tavern in North London. The club’s name was in keeping with the fashion of the Victorian period when it was normal for clubs to adopt the names of insects, birds or animals – it has no other significance.

Why did wasps leave London?

When Wasps Rugby, faced with financial struggles, undertook a bold relocation from London to Coventry in late 2014, protecting the club’s long-term sustainability was the central consideration for group chief executive David Armstrong.

Why do Coventry not play at the Ricoh?

Following a protracted rent dispute between Coventry City and ACL, the football club left the arena in 2013; playing their home matches in Northampton for over a year before returning in September 2014. A further dispute with Wasps prior to the 2019–20 season saw Coventry City leave the Ricoh for a further two seasons.

Who do Coventry share their ground with?

Coventry have shared Birmingham’s St Andrew’s stadium since August 2019 and will continue to play their home matches there for the remainder of this campaign. The agreement with Premiership Rugby team Wasps will remain in place until 2031, from the start of the 2021-22 season.

Why did Wasps relocate?

Is Coventry Arena station open?

Station details & facilities We are open from 07:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday and 08:00 to 16:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and all Bank Holidays except Christmas Day.

Where do wasps play rugby?

Founded in 1867 as Wasps Football Club, as a specifically amateur team in common with all Rugby Union clubs, the club was originally based in west London, but relocated to Coventry in December 2014. Wasps now own and play at the Ricoh Arena; a stadium which was actually built for local football team Coventry City.

When did the Wasps become an RFU Club?

As a reasonably well-established club, the Wasps were eligible to be founder members of the Rugby Football Union (RFU). On 26 January 1871 the meeting was scheduled to take place. However a mix-up led to them sending their representative to the wrong venue at the wrong time on the wrong day.

Where do wasps play in Coventry?

Wasps play at the Coventry Building Society Arena, a stadium built in 2005 and formerly known as the Ricoh Arena.

When did Wasps move to the Ricoh Arena?

In September 2014, Simon Gilbert, of the Coventry Telegraph reported the side were in talks to permanently relocate to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, from their home at Adams Park, in High Wycombe. In October 2014 Wasps announced that from December 2014 they would play their home games at the Ricoh Arena.