Which industries is famous in Maharashtra?

Which industries is famous in Maharashtra?

Pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, heavy chemicals, electronics, automobiles, engineering, food processing, and plastics are some of the major industries in the state.

WHO is working to promote tourism in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation
Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation is a Government organization concerned with promotion of tourism. The awareness of the efforts of MTDC has been analysed in the following table. Table 5: Awareness among the tourists about efforts of M.T.D.C.

Which is the famous industries in Mumbai?

Below is a list of major industries located in Mumbai:

  • Hindi film industry.
  • Marathi film industry.
  • Automotive parts.
  • Utensils.
  • Biscuits (Cookies)
  • Clothing.
  • Textile mills.
  • Pencils.

Which is the tourism district of Maharashtra?

Sindhudurg District is the first tourism district in Maharashtra to be declared as the tourism district. It is situated very close to Goa. It consists of 8 Talukas – Deogad, Vaibhavwadi, Dodamarg, Kankavali, Malvan, Ukudal, Venjerla and Sawantwadi, carved out of Ratangiri and Kolhapur districts.

Which is the famous hill station in Maharashtra?

Things to do: Mahabaleshwar is one of the most popular hill stations in Maharashtra which is especially perfect for honeymooners. The spectacular views from the hill station make it one of the cutest romantic rendezvous.

Which is the largest industry in western Maharashtra?

Maharashtra is a leading Industrial hub and contributing majorly to the growth of the Indian economy. Manufacturing, mass media, international trade, petroleum, tourism, fashion, apparel, and aerospace are the major industries in Maharashtra.

What is Maharashtra famous for?

Maharashtra is one of India’s largest commercial and industrial centres, which has led to its being called the gateway of India. Maharashtra is also famous for its culture and beauty. The ancient cave paintings found at Ajanta and Ellora are UNESCO World Heritage sites and popular tourist destinations.

Which are the main tourist Centre in Maharashtra?

Tourist Places to Visit in Maharashtra

  • Mumbai. Mumbai, the capital city of this state, is among the best places to visit in Maharashtra.
  • Ajanta and Ellora caves.
  • Shirdi.
  • Mahabaleshwar.
  • Alibag.
  • Lonavala.
  • Lavasa.
  • Khandala.

What is the famous product of Maharashtra?

From gorgeous fabrics and saris to the world-famous mural paintings of Warli and Kohlapur’s leather ware and stunning jewellery, shoppers will be spoilt for choice. Maharashtra is one of the leading cotton producing states in the country.

Which mountain peak is known as the Everest of Maharashtra?

Kalsubai is the highest peak of Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district in Akola taluka. The summit height of the Sahyadri mountain ranges in the north is 1646 meters (or 5400 feet). It is known as the Everest of Maharashtra. Kalsubai Shikhar is situated on the border of Ahmadnagar and Nashik districts.

Which is the largest railway station in Maharashtra?

Bhusaval Junction railway station

Bhusaval Junction
Location Bhusawal, Maharashtra, PIN 425201 India
Coordinates 21.0469°N 75.788°E
Elevation 205.030 metres (672.67 ft)
Owned by Indian Railways