Which is better T430 or T440?

Which is better T430 or T440?

The T430 has better tracknipple buttons, it is possible to mount old style keyboard, better modularity and indicaor lights. T440 has better portability and performance.

Is Lenovo T430 still good?

Lenovo Thinkpad T430 Review: The King Of 14-Inch Business Notebooks Never Gets Outdated. The Lenovo Thinkpad is truly the king of 14-inch business notebooks and by today’s standards, it is still a notable performer even after 9 years of its release. The notebook is durable and resilient.

What is the difference between T440 and T440p?

The T440 is heavier and thicker then the T440s and the case is a composite material. It also does not have an optical. The T440p is the largest of the group in both physical dimensions and weight. It is the only one that has an optical drive as well.

Which is better T420 or T430?

On this benchmark, the Intel Core i5-3320M processor-based Lenovo ThinkPad T430 delivered 82.7 percent better graphics performance than the ThinkPad T420.

What is the difference between Lenovo T430 and T430s?

T430s uses different materials (more Carbon Fiber) and has a different construction compared with the T430. Thats where the weigh difference mainly comes from. Also, take for example the different DVD drive (12.7 mm vs. 9.5 mm) and the much smaller and thus lighter battery.

How old is Lenovo T440?


Model Release date (US) Chipset
T431s March 2013 Intel QM77
T440, T440 Touch Sept 2013 4th Gen Intel Core Up to i7-4600U (2C4T 2.1/3.3 GHz Turbo)
T440s, T440s Touch 4th Gen Intel Core Up to i7-4600U (2C4T 2.1/3.3 GHz Turbo)
T440p Nov 2013 Intel QM87

When did Lenovo ThinkPad T430 come out?

June 2012

Model Release date (US) Memory
T430 June 2012 16 GiB DDR3L 1600 MHz (2 slots)
T430s 16 GiB DDR3L 1600 MHz (2 slots)
Modern case
T430u Sept 2012 16 GiB DDR3L 1600 MHz (2 slots)

How many RAM slots does a Lenovo T440 have?

The Laptop has 2 Slots (1 Upgradable) to install memory, already with 4GB (Soldered) standard memory installed. For best Lenovo T440 Laptop performance use the maximum amount of 12GB, fill all the slots with the max allowed memory per slot for your Laptop.

When was Lenovo T430 released?

What are the specs of a Thinkpad T430?

ThinkPad T430 Product Specifications Reference (PSREF) Premiere performance; two spindles Intel Core i5-2520M processor (2 cores, 2.50GHz, 3MB cache) , Intel HD Graphics 3000 ,

Should I get a T440p or T430?

I say forget about the T430, and make it a choice between T440p and T440/s for power vs portability. While the T430 is a little bit heavier it can offer far better performance and is socketed so it can utilize a quad core CPU whereas the T440 is limited to soldered dual core CPU’s.

What type of hard disk does Lenovo T440 support?

T440 supports single 2.5″ up to 9.5mm disk. Additionally you can install m.2 2242 LTE modem or SSD disk (double-slided). Moreover you can buy additional card to install second m.2 2242 SSD disk (located under internal battery). In this extra slot, Lenovo installed a SSD Cache disk, which was used to increase performance of HDD disk.

How much RAM can I add to my i5 T440?

T440 have only single SO-DIMM socket. If you get a version without soldered 4GB RAM, you will be stuck with up to single channel 8GB DDR3L RAM. With soldered RAM, it supports up to 12GB RAM. Please be aware, that only some i5 models had soldered 4GB RAM.