Which is correct one of my Favourites or one of my Favourite?

Which is correct one of my Favourites or one of my Favourite?

The correct one is “one of my favorite songs”. With the phrase “one of the” it’s required that we follow it up with plural word.

How do you say one of your favorite song?

Adjectives do not have number. In other words, even if adjectives match singular and plural nouns, they do not change their forms. For example, you can say: “nice songs” or “nice song.” In light of this, the correct phrase should read: “one of my favorite songs.”

What does one of my favorites mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : one that is treated or regarded with special favor or liking That song is my favorite. especially : a person who is specially loved, trusted, or provided with favors by someone of high rank or authority The king granted the land to two of his favorites.

How do I write one of my favorites?

Used as an adjective, it would of course be in the form “favorite,” but the noun it modifies would be plural: e.g., “One of my favorite things.”)

How do you use one of your favorite in a sentence?

The correct sentence would be “you are one of my favorite people”, even though you are talking to a single person.

How do you say my favorite?

Favorite Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for favorite?

darling cherished
favouriteUK valued
preferred respected
endeared worshippedUK
chosen worshipedUS

How do you say this song is my favorite song?

“This song is still my favourite” is correct. Your other example “this song still my favourite’ could be used, if a comma were inserted after ‘song, and a further phrase added: “This song, still my favourite, was written [and/or sung] by…….”

When a girl say your Her favorite person?

She means, so far, you’ve been the best; or the one, that has felt the most for. That’s how romantic feelings goes; you can not expect to romantically be involved, with some one, when you feel stronger, for someone else at the same time.

Is it my fav or my fave?

The New York Times, it seems, prefers fav, but defaults to faves plural. The Atlantic and The Washington Post have both used “fave” in headlines. But The (Atlantic) Wire says fav. (One of the people quoted in that story, Mat Honan, prefers to fav faves.)

Can I say two of my favorites?

Does Favorite only describe on thing, since it’s normal to have ONE FAVORITE THING AND NOT SEVERAL. You can have two or more favorites.

Do you say one of my favorite people or persons?

The correct phrase is “Happy birthday to one of my favourite people,” as the word “people” is the most commonly used plural of the word “person.” The word “persons” is only used in very formal settings. Note that “favourite” is the British English spelling. In American English this would be “favorite”.

What can I say instead of my Favourite?

Part of speech:

  • most-popular (related)
  • best-loved. preferred above all others and treated with partiality.
  • favorite. Preferred.
  • best-known (related)
  • fave (related)
  • fav (related)
  • pet. Kept or treated as a pet.
  • dearie.

What are your favourite songs?

Million Questions by Patrick Jørgensen💓💓🥺 I dedicate this to my mother for the immense contribution of her in my life…She is my GOD♥️

  • Besabriyaan by Armaan Malik Never stop chasing your dreams♥️🖤..This song is a pure inspiration😃💓
  • Jaane Nahi Denge Tujhe by Sonu Nigam
  • Why is that your favorite song?

    Your favorite music reveals a lot about your personality, but so does how you respond to that music. Studies speculate that as few as 55 percent of people experience frisson when listening to music.

    What are your 10 favorite music genres?

    – Metal; Such as Five Finger Death Punch and Metallica. Heck! I’m listening to Five Finger Death Punch right now! – Alt Rock; Such as Imagine Dragons (Plays Alt Rock, non-specific), Linkon Park (Non-specific) – Rap; Logic, 2pac, and Eminem are good rap artists – Classical; Just plain classical

    What is my Fav song?

    “Silent Night” is one of my favorite Christmas songs. I tend to get too busy and frazzled with the preparations for the holiday. “Silent Night” gives me peace and reminds me to keep the focus on the true meaning of Christmas, God sent His son to