Which is the best free karaoke app for Android?

Which is the best free karaoke app for Android?

The 7 Best Free Karaoke Apps

  1. Smule: Sing It Your Way. 2 Images.
  2. Karaoke by Yokee: Millions of Songs Just for You. 2 Images.
  3. StarMaker: Join a Huge Community. 2 Images.
  4. Houseparty: More Than Just Karaoke.
  5. Sing Karaoke: Music for Everyone.
  6. The Voice: The Official Karaoke App for Fans.
  7. Baby Karaoke: Let Your Kids Join the Fun.

What is the best offline karaoke app for Android?

In this article, we have picked 6 of the best karaoke apps available for Android.

  • #1. Sing! Karaoke by Smule.
  • #2. Yokee – Karaoke Sing & Record.
  • #3. Red Karaoke Sing & Record.
  • #4. SingPlay: Karaoke your MP3s.
  • #5. Midifun Karaoke.
  • #6. Karaoke Online : Sing & Record.

What is a good karaoke app for Android?

The best karaoke apps for Android

  • BackTrackIt.
  • KaraFun.
  • MiXiT.
  • Musixmatch.
  • Smule.

Does StarMaker cost money?

The app is free, but it only makes a few songs available initially — if you want to access the full library, you have to pay a $1.99 weekly subscription fee (there’s a discount if you subscribe for longer time periods).

Is StarMaker app free?

Free recording and editing app. StarMaker is a free multimedia recording and editing app that allows you to choose a song to sing, record it, edit and apply filters to it, and share it with others. With a massive song library to choose from, it doesn’t matter what genre you like or who are your favorite artists.

Is StarMaker a Chinese company?

StarMaker is not a Chinese app. However, the app was acquired by Everyone Happy Entertainment Ltd which is affiliated with Chinese mobile games leader Beijing Kunlun Tech. The app also has all the copyrights for the songs that are present in it.

How much does StarMaker cost?