Which is the famous poem of Thomas Hood?

Which is the famous poem of Thomas Hood?

Thomas Hood (23 May 1799 – 3 May 1845) was an English poet, author and humorist, best known for poems such as “The Bridge of Sighs” and “The Song of the Shirt”. Hood wrote regularly for The London Magazine, Athenaeum, and Punch.

Why did Thomas Hood write I remember remember?

I Remember, I Remember by Thomas Hood is a poem dedicated to the nostalgic embrace of the memory of childhood. Hood idolizes his ‘childish ignorance’, painting his memories with beautiful colors and images. Hood’s childhood was a time of great happiness, one which he is well aware that he cannot return to.

Who wrote the poem I remember I remember?

Thomas Hood
I Remember, I Remember by Thomas Hood | Poetry Foundation.

What is silence by Thomas Hood about?

‘Silence’ by Thomas Hood describes the ways in which Silence exists in the world and the places that one may find it. The poet begins by describing the state of silence in the world. There are places that are complete without sound, due to the fact that it is incapable of existing.

What is the correct meaning of Farther Off from Heaven?

It is a reflective poem in which the poet is looking back at his childhood, and it is rather sentimental. In the poem, Hood initially portrays his childhood and the house where he was born. Those beautiful days where the sun rays came and beautiful days were there in the proportion.

What was Thomas Hood spirit in his childhood?

During his childhood days he imagined that the top of the dark and huge fir tree was close to the heaven. At present he understood it as childish ignorance. With such ignorance he lived happily in the past.

What do flowers of light mean?

Those flowers made of light means that they are lively, energetic, flowers that make the poet refreshing.

What does borne my breath away mean?

For example the verse “I often wish the night had borne my breath away” means that he wishes he would have never grown up, and that he would have died before he could grow. In the second stanza by wrinting “And where my brother set The laburnum on his birthday,- The tree is living yet!”

What is the poem quietness all about?

Based on the poem, quietness gives us peace of mind. It helps us clear our thoughts from all our problems and misery. _______________________________________________________________________________ 6.

What does silence mean in poetry?

The speaker receives meaning from him; the silent one is the unappropriated source of meaning.” In other words, it is the space between words that sets off language, the dim background against which a light becomes visible.

Is the poet still ignorant as he was a child?

(c) Is the poet still as ignorant as he was a child? Answer: No, the poet is not as ignorant as he was a child.