Which is the largest tea estate in Assam?

Which is the largest tea estate in Assam?

Monabarie Tea Estate
Monabarie Tea Estate at Biswanath District of Assam is Asia’s Largest Tea Estate. The tea estate is owned by the McLeod Russel India Limited, a part of Williamson Magor Group.

Who owns the tea estates in Assam?

McLeod Russel India Limited
This tea estate is also ranked as the world’s largest tea garden. The tea estate is owned by McLeod Russel India Limited which is a part of the Williamson Magor Group. Spread across an area of 1158 hectares, these red coloured leaves tea will definitely give your morning a rejuvenating start.

Which district has highest tea garden in Assam?

Dibrugarh, with 177 gardens, has the highest number of tea estates in the state.

How many tea estates are there in Assam?

800 tea estates
Assam has approximately 800 tea estates there.

Which city is known as tea city of Assam?


Dibrugarh Ti-Phao
Nickname(s): Tea City Of India & Industrial Hub Of Northeast
Dibrugarh Location in Assam, India Show map of Assam Show map of India Show all
Coordinates:27.48°N 95°ECoordinates:27.48°N 95°E
Country India

Who first planted tea in Assam?

Robert Bruce
The tea industry in Assam is about 172 years old. It occupies an important place and plays a very useful part in the national economy. Robert Bruce in 1823 discovered tea plants growing wild in upper Brahmaputra Valley.

How many tea gardens are there in Tinsukia?

Sl. No. Name of Gardens with Postal Address Area under Tea in Hectares
1. M/S. AMBIKA T.E. P.O. Doom Dooma-786151 26.76
2. M/S. BAGHBARI T.E. P.O. Panitola Tinsukia – 786 183 47.53
3. M/S.CHARALI TEA (& TEA SEED) ESTATE P.O. Mankhooli Pin : 786148 69.36
4. M/S. DHONJAN T.E. P.O. Dangarigaon- 786156 23.00

Which city is known as TEA city of Assam?

Which is the largest tea factory?

Spread over 1,000 acres of land, Kolukkumalai produces 12 tons of tea per month on an average.

Which is the tea capital of India?

Located in the southern part of the eastern Himalayas in Assam. It is bordered by the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura and West Bengal. The state also shares its borders with two countries, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Which is the cleanest city in Assam?

GUWAHATI: Tezpur in northern Assam has been ranked as the cleanest city in the northeast in the population category of 50,000 to 1 lakh in the Swachh Survekshan ratings announced on Saturday.

Did tea come from India or China?

In the 1830s, the first tea estates were established in the Indian state of Assam, using tea plants brought from China. Just like sugar, growing tea is very labour intensive and the obvious thing would have been to staff them with slaves. But in 1833, slavery was banned in the British Empire.

What makes Assam’s organic tea estates so special?

The tea cultivated by the farm makes a healthy cup of tea, as they are free from pesticides and other chemicals. Among all the tea estates in Assam, this organic farm produces a chemical-free aromatic brewed tea leaves and also focuses on enhancing the livelihood of the farmers.

Which is the largest tea garden in Assam?

Monabarie Tea Estate is the largest tea garden in Assam which is located at the Biswanath Chariali district of Assam. What kind of tea is available in Assam? Assam is famous for producing the black tea which is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The black teas are oxidized than other teas like green tea or white tea.

Which is the largest tea factory in North East India?

Joonktollee Tea Estate Holding a single largest tea factory in the North East, the Joonktollee tea estate is spread across an area of 1867.98 acres among which 1202.82 acres is used for plantation. Situated at the Barbam district of Assam, this tea estate has been SGS, UK for production and manufacture of CTC, Orthodox and Green Tea.

Is Assam black tea oxidized?

The black teas are oxidized than other teas like green tea or white tea. Which is the best Assam tea? Gingia premium, Vahdam Indian teas is the best Assam tea which has a perfect balance and has a mild taste which is full of malty goodness.